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A Few Purchases

I'm excited to have made a few homeschooling purchases. I ordered Math-U-See Zeta for Annette and Caleb, Math Essentials Book 1 for Brent, Math Essentials Geometry and Word Problems for Josh and Standard Based Grammar 3 for Ethan.

Annette is leaving with Auntie R for three weeks, so she won't start MUS until she gets back, same with Caleb as he is in California. Brent, will hopefully start Math Essentials as soon as it arrives. I'm excited to have purchased Standard Based Grammar for Ethan. I  chose to go with Book 2 instead of the Homeschool Edition because the author recommends using Grade 3 if the child is on the younger side and hasn't had much grammar.

Here is a quote from Create Better Writers Website:
The Home School Edition covers all the standards for grades 3 though 8, but it moves at a faster pace. An advanced third grader may be able to grasp the third grade standards from the book, but most third grade students would benefit from the Grade 3 Edition.

If we continue with this grammar program then next year I'll purchase the Homeschool Edition and he can move on from there. I love that it's an eBook so I can use this with Lance. I'm still debating about purchasing the Homeschool Edition now for Caleb and Brent. To use Rod and Staff or Standard Based Grammar, it's up-in-the air still.


Tonight I'm up late getting The Everyday Family Chore System ready to start tomorrow. This is a Molly Crew review item. I'm so excited. I know you all are probably thinking how many chore systems I've used in the past (at least that's what I was thinking) but hey, who knows, maybe this will be the one =)

Here is a sneak peek of what I'm up to, I'm sure I'll have more pictures as we get into the groove.
I purchased a new Wet Mop from Target tonight. My SIL has the Rubbermaid Reveal Wet Mop and it works great. It's easy to fill the bottle and snap it into place. She's had it for a year so I thought I'd give it a try.

Fun With Auntie

Ethan got some extra attention today from his Auntie R. She took him out shopping for the day. I was so glad that Ethan had a special day with his Auntie. We all need those days when someone spoils us just because. With six children I admit it's hard at times giving all the children the attention they need. Lupe and I try but it's great when an Auntie or grandparent steps in occasionally.
She took him to Once Upon a Child and bought him some much needed clothes. They went to Family Christian Store and she bought him the shirt he's wearing in the picture and she treated him to lunch at Wendy's. It's not everyday my children get a Frosty, so that was a real treat! Thank you Auntie R, for taking my little guy out.

Edited to add that Ethan didn't expect clothes or lunch and would have been happy just driving around with Auntie R or playing a board game, having that extra time with an adult is precious for a child. But you know Aunties, they love to spoil when they can. I know I do =)

Bible Time with Annette

Annette and I are so blessed with being able to review Heroines of the Past Bible Study. We are on our second week and very much enjoying it. I took her to our favorite coffee shop and am so upset at myself because I forgot my camera. I picked it up to put in my bag and forgot it. She looked so cute sitting across from me with her Bible, pretty face and drink in hand. I so wanted to share that wonderful moment with you all.

We also had a good talk about our freedom to worship in this wonderful country and how we do need to pray for our leaders. We do want to keep it that way.

We also talked about our relationship with each other. My Annette, is entering the girl-teenage years. Although we have a wonderful relationship and I'm thankful my daughter still holds my hand when we take walks and she loves being with me, our relationship has been a bit strained lately. We've been snapping at each other and it scares me to death. I want Annette to always know I'm here for her. If she needs to talk, I want her to know that her dad and I will stop what we are doing and listen. I want Lupe and I to keep her heart and I told her that. I'm very open with her about this. She needs to know how important it is to her father and I about keeping her heart with us. To have her feel comfortable to share anything with us.

Though our relationship has been a bit strained, Annette, is not disrespectful, she listens, she shows that she loves me and we are still very close. She's a wonderful daughter and I thank the Lord daily for my precious girl.

I will fight tooth and nail with the devil to keep my daughter. By tooth and nail I mean I will pray for her daily, pay attention to her, love her and let her know she is precious to me and I will do whatever it takes to keep her close. I'll brush her hair daily until it's time to pass the brush to her someday hubby, if that's what the Lord chooses for her ;)

We had a good talk about us, mother and daughter. I love my Annette. She is so special. She is a joy to be around and I let her know it.

Little Eyes

Yesterday we took the children to Half Priced Books. I was busy trying to find my homeschooling books and at the same time had the children coming and showing me their books, asking questions as to which one to get because we couldn't get them all. Here I am trying to pay attention to the children and find a good deal.

Well, Lance came to me with two movies, one being Scooby Doo. The Scooby Doo was $4.99. The other movie was $9.99. The children have watched some Scooby movies in the past so I didn't hesitate to choose the less expensive one (the Scooby Doo). What I failed to notice was it had the word Zombies.

The next day (Saturday) I let my sensitive Lance watch it. Big mistake. Later he came and told me he didn't like it because there were scary things in it. I looked at the cover and that's when I realized my mistake and saw the ugly word Zombies. I told Lance, that we can sell it and buy him a different DVD.

Tonight, he came to me and said he can't sleep because he is not having good thoughts. I asked him what kind of thoughts is he having. He mentioned the Scooby Doo cartoons. We prayed. I asked God for forgiveness and please give Lance a good nights rest. I told Lance I was sorry for not paying attention and letting him watch that movie. We both agreed that we wouldn't sell the movie but throw it away so other children won't be scared. His own words, "We should not sell that movie, so other kids won't be scared and see that". I thought it was very kind of him to think of others, even at the cost of not getting his money back.

Date Night

Lupe and I enjoyed another Saturday Date Night. I need to start taking the camera so I can show some pictures.

We were hungry as always (we enjoy having a quiet meal together) so my Sweets suggested Country Burgers (I think that was the name) we both ordered the Chile Burgers with cheese. We asked for no onions but I guess they forgot because both burgers had onions.

Something unique about this place, they serve your food in a paper bag whether you are eating out or dining in. I like it, it's something different. I also like the rustic charm. Reminds me of our Yellow Stone vacation.

We took our time eating, just enjoying each others company. Talking about the children, family, homeschooling, and the kids again.

When we were done we took a ride around some neighborhoods. Just having fun dreaming about our next home.

We then went to Yogurt Cup for dessert. Lupe, piled his cup with lots of fruit. I on the other hand added lots of chocolate chips, peanut butter cups, graham cracker crumbs, and coconut. Because of my overbite I have a hard time eating small things and with the cold yogurt I felt as if my mouth was frozen.

Then it was off to Target. I needed a few groceries. The regular stuff, canned tomato sauce and diced tomatoes as well, yogurt (without dyes), pickles, ketchup (without high fructose corn syrup), some Enchilada Sauce without MSG, it's so hard to find one that doesn't have all the junk in it. I finally found one at Target, they are sold in a pouch instead of a can. It's more expensive of course.

Lupe bought some jeans, we bought some hair products. It's so hard to find all natural ingredients with no mineral oil or petroleum. I am replacing all my chapsticks with one that doesn't add petroleum.

Every year I try to eliminate or add things that improves our health. For instance 6 years ago I started using better oils in our food, Cold Pressed Olive Oil and Coconut Oil. I still use some vegetable when the budget is tight. One year I started cutting out foods that contained MSG, then another year I worked on omitting items that contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate, another High Fructose Corn Syrup and this past year it was limiting dyes in our diet or in skin products. Now I'm reducing Mineral Oil and Petroleum. This is not to say we never eat dyes or never use Sodium Laureth Sulfate products but I do try to stay away as much as possible.

Back to our date, this is why we were reading all the labels on the shampoo and conditioner products. We wanted one with no Sodium Laureth Sulfate. The 3 years now I haven't used any shampoo and I normally have the children use the homemade soap on their hair instead of shampoo. Lupe is the only one who uses shampoo now. We eventually found one that we were satisfied with. Shea Moisture, Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo with Sea Kelp, Argan Oil and Shea Butter, so we'll see how it works. The children and I will continue to use the homemade soaps.

We finished at Target and came home. The children were still awake and Lupe is with Auntie R. She tripped earlier today and we think she sprained her ankle. It was really bothering her so Lupe took her to the hospital.

2012-2013 School Year/Blog Hop

 {I wrote this post at the end of July, but it has all that we will use for our 2012~2013 school year}

We are at the end of July and I haven't ordered our school stuff yet. It's been so humbling these past couple of years. Normally I'm done ordering and am organizing. Most years I can start school in August if I wanted to but the past two years has me barely getting my stuff before it's time to start the new year.

Thank goodness for the Schoolhouse Review Crew, they've kept me busy so I'm not wallowing in my sorrows ;) but it is at the back of my mind that I'm not prepared at all for this year. I haven't even wrote a 'What we are using"  post. Normally I'm agonizing okay maybe that's over doing it but I'm usually going back and forth as what to use.

Today Lance started The Reading Kingdom (review item)so he'll continue through the school year along with Horizons Phonics. I think for math I'll have him continue with Professor B Math and finish his Mathematical Reasoning math book. If I can get to his Language Smarts book, we'll do that too. And we'll slowly work our way through Little Hearts for His Glory by Heart of Dakota.

With Ethan, for math I think we might continue with Teaching Textbooks I would like to use Professor B Math as well but I know I may not have time to teach it. For Grammar I'm still debating whether I should use Rod and Staff 3 or Standard Based Writing 3. I like that Standard Based Writing seems more doable to this homeschooling mama of 6. Especially with me being involved with all my children in some subject or another. Ethan will start Bigger Hearts from Heart of Dakota. I may or may not have him use the science portion. If I choose not to he'll use Human Body and Forensics along with his two older sibling, Caleb and Brent. I would like to continue using Phonics Pathways with him. I ordered A Reason for Spelling but am not sure if I should just have him copy words from Phonics Pathway.

With Brent, he will continue with Preparing Hearts and hopefully move onto Creation to Christ. We haven't been keeping up with Preparing Hearts this summer and with Caleb gone, well, it's not going to get done as planned. I might change things up a bit for math and use Math Essentials Book 1 and have him finish his Mathematical Reasoning Book as well. For Grammar I'm debating too as whether to use Rod and Staff 4 or  Standard Based Grammar Homeschool Edition along with Digging into Diagramming. Spelling I'm still not sure if I  want to go a formal route with A Reason for Spelling or use only the dictation from Heart of Dakota. I may just go with copywork and dictation since I won't have to purchase a spelling program that way.

Caleb will continue with Math-U-See Zeta. He's doing so well with it, I dislike to change it. I would love to have him use Math Essentials along with Brent to save money but then again, Annette is using Math-U-See as well. 6 children 4 different math programs, yikes! Like Brent, Caleb will use Preparing and Creation to Christ from Heart of Dakota. Same issues about grammar and spelling as I mentioned above with Brent. Both Caleb and Brent will use Human Body and Forensics from WinterPromise for science. I thought it might be easier to use than Heart of Dakota.

My sweet Annette, she will use Resurrection to Reformation from Heart of Dakota. Rod and Staff English 6 for grammar. Lightning Literature and Medieval History Based Writing, along with copywork and dictation for Language Arts. Math-U-See Zeta and that should do it I think. I'm still debating if I should have her continue with Soaring with Spelling or only use copywork and dictation. I almost forgot Latin Road to English Grammar, hope this is doable. I know this requires me to teach so I'm not totally sure on this.

Joshua, wow, my baby is starting high school. He will use Time4Wrting for grammar. WriteShop and Soaring with Spelling, not sure which level. Latin Road, I hope his grammar is up to par for this. Bob Jones for history, Bible, and Literature. WinterPromise for science, Human Body and Forensics along with Body of Evidence 8 DVD Set. Keyboarding for the Christian School  and Health as electives. I'm not sure if he can fit in two electives, so we'll just have to wait and see. This is my first time homeschooling a high schooler.

My four younger children will also add Speekee a Spanish program. Through the year we will add our Schoolhouse reviews. 

To visit and see what others are using, please click on the button below and enjoy!
Not Back to School Blog Hop

Brent Mowing the Lawn

Thursday I went shopping with my SIL Mrs. R and V. When I came back Brent happily told me that he mowed the lawn. I was disappointed because I missed it. I have always taken pictures and videoed their first lawn mowing. Thankfully one of the children took at least two pictures.

He was so proud of himself. Lupe always has them wear safety glasses. Never can be too careful with our little blessings (that are growing up).

It's Hot!

It's only 93* but with the humidity it feels like 100*. I'm sweaty, sticky, and feel yucky. That's all for today or at least until I cool off and maybe take a quick nap.

Some School Done

I have been so busy that I haven't had a chance to post. Here is what was accomplished today:
Math Made Easy (Lance)
Professor B Math (Ethan)
Math Essentials (Josh)
Mr. Pipes and the British Hymn Makers (All) 3rd chapter
Heroines of the Past (Annette with me)
I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be and Atheist (Me)

What I still need to get done:
Create Better Writers (Annette, Caleb and Brent)
Horizons Phonics (Lance)
Phonics Pathways (Ethan)
Mathematical Reasoning (Brent)

Joshua, is waiting for his Time4Writing teacher to give him the go-ahead to do the next lesson otherwise he would have done that as well.

The children had a water balloon fight. Annette has read for a few hours. We cleaned the house. The kids watched an episode of Clone Wars. Caleb called to see if he could watch a movie at his aunties house in California. It's been a good day. Hopefully my Sweets will get home before 7:00p.m. He wants to go with his sister to Once Upon a Child.

Let me see, what else has been going on here at Homeschooling6.......

Summer School Week 5 of 2012

Joshua completed his second online assignment using Time4Writing, I'm so excited for him. He had to write a 5-7 paragraph about what he would like to learn from his 8 week course. It was hard for him have to think of five sentences but he did it. He's a bit nervous about what his teacher will say because it wasn't the best paragraph he's written.

Lance completed Math Made Easy and Horizons Phonics.

Ethan completed Professor B Math. We didn't have to go online because he is still working on, 1 finger equals 3 sticks. If I show 6 fingers he has to say 18 and so forth. He also read another page from Pathway Phonics.

Brent, completed a few pages from Mathematical Reasoning and that was it for him.

Annette worked on her Editor and Chief and Create Better Writers-How to Teach the Five-Paragraph Essay.

I read another chapter from Mr. Pipes and the British Hymn Maker.

In the afternoon my two SIL and their children, my kids and myself walked to our favorite coffee shop, well it's my families favorite coffee shop, Shoemaker and Hardt.
 Lupe surprised me and showed up. I was secretly hoping he'd make it, so I had a happy heart! After we finished our drinks we walked another short block to the park. I was hot but holding hands on our way to the park was worth it. Love my Sweets.

Homeschool Lounge Review: What's in the Bible?

 What's in the Bible? In the Beginning was created by the maker of Veggie Tales, Phil Visher.

I've had my eye on What's in the Bible? In the Beginning (Genesis) for quite some time. I thought it would be good for Lance since he's been having so many questions about God.

There are two 25 minute episodes; What's in the Bible? and Who Wrote the Bible? It also includes a short bonus of Quacky's Questions.

What's in the Bible? teaches the children how the Bible was put together.
Who Wrote the Bible? Teaches how the Bible was inspired by God.

In each episode you meet a variety of interesting characters from the Sunday School Lady to the Bently Brothers.
When the DVD arrived I couldn't wait to watch this with my children. The next day I popped it in the DVD player and with five children (some mine some my SIL) ages 4-8. My Sister-in-law was visiting with her children and was happy to join in with watching. She too has had her eye on the series.

I found the first episode, (What the Bible Teaches?) to be a bit drawn out and slow. I kept waiting for 'What the Bible Teaches' to be introduced in a way my young children would understand. The scenes changed fast from one character to another. I thought there was a bit too much information for my younger crowd. My Sister-in-law felt the same way about the first episode.

The second episode, (Who Wrote the Bible?) was more for the younger ones. This one kept there interest more than the first. I think because all the introductions to the books in the Bible were done.

My 8yr. old niece understood most of what she watched but the younger ones, including my 7yr. old, a lot of it went over their heads.
Bottom line, the first in the series wasn't what I expected. With that said, I do plan to order the second in the series because I think now that all the introductions are over it will be more story-like.

You can purchase your copy of What's in the Bible? In the Beginning, as a download, each episode cost $6.49 or you can purchase the DVD for $14.99. Right now they are on sale for $10.00. You can also purchase the whole set which includes DVDs 1-8 for $80.00.
To expand on each episode you can also download a study guide, coloring pages, make Bible flashcards and crafts.

You can also find What's in the Bible? at Facebook and Twitter.
THL Moms
"I was selected for participation in this review and given the What's in the bible DVD as a member of The Homeschool Lounge Review Team. All thoughts and opinions are my own."

2012 Summer Days

The children had fun today, Auntie R. took us ice skating. I didn't skate, I just prayed a lot. I'm always afraid one of the kids will fall, crack their head open, and may not remember who they are or that I'm their mother. Thank you Jesus for keeping my kiddos safe!!!

At first Brent didn't want to skate, so we chatted and I bought him hot chocolate from the vending machine and me a coffee. He thanked me and then said that he would like to skate for awhile.

All my children (except Caleb because he's not here, sniff, sniff) gave it a try. It's been a long time, maybe two years since they've ice skated. The first hour they mostly held on to the little ledge/wall. The second hour they ventured out. I called Lupe and told him we need to take the kids at least four times a year.

At 4:00 the ice rink closed and by that time all the children including myself were pretty hungry. We chose to eat at the flying chicken (Chicken Express). I made sure to order jalapeno poppers. Those are my favorite.

On the way home Lance fell asleep but it didn't last. Once we arrived home and I had to wake him he was wide awake.

Before ice skating we also went to the library and I mailed off a package. I sold Spelling Wisdom.

I was tired by the time we got home and did stuff but didn't if you know what I mean. I really wanted to take a nap.

Summer School Week 5

Today we started a lite Summer school day. We had family over for a week, so no school was completed. This week we are going to use a lot of Schoolhouse Review items. Here is what I'd like us to get done this week. Not all are review items.

* current review items
** completed review items that we are continuing with
No stars means it's not a review item

*Math Made Easy (Lance)
**Math Essentials (Josh)
**Professor B Math (Ethan)
Mathematical Reasoning 4 (Brent)
Editor and Chief (Annette)
Mind Benders Book 5 (Annette)
*Heroines of the Past Bible Study (Annette & Mom)
*Mr. Pipes and the British Hymn Maker (Read aloud)
*Five Paragraph Essay (Annette)
*How to Teach a Paragraph (Brent)
*Time4Writing~High School Paragraph Writing (Josh)
*Apologia~I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist (Josh and Mom)
Horizons Phonics (Lance)
Phonics Pathways (Ethan)

If I can do the review items at least 4 times a week and the non review items 3 times a week, I'm happy =)

Notice that there is no work for Caleb. He left with his grandparents and will be gone for a whole month. I miss him already.

Right before I hopped on the computer, Annette and I took a walk to our little downtown area and visited our favorite coffee shop. I thought it would be a nice way to start our girly Bible Study using Heroines of the Past. I read the story, we looked up the verses and talked about courage. Later she needs to write down the verse to be memorized on an index card. Once done we played a game of Mancala and looked around. The coffee shop sells many unique item as well as antiques.

Joshua, completed his first Time4Writing assignment. I think I was more excited about it then he. I really am excited about this review, it's such a blessing for us.

I read the first chapter of Mr. Pipes and the British Hymn Maker. The children didn't want me to stop but that chapter was long and I needed a rest. They can't wait for more. When I finished reading we looked online so the children could see how beautiful the pipe organs are.

I hope to get some more school done later after I take a nap and have more energy. These hot days wear me out, even though I'm mostly in the house. 95* isn't too hot but it's enough to make me sweat and tire easy.

Schoolhouse Review: Math Essentials Book 2

When a new math vendor popped up for the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I quickly went to visit Math Essentials website to research this math program. I'm so glad I did. This was a perfect fit for my oldest son Joshua who struggles with math.
What I received for this review, Mastering Essential Math Skills 2 with a workbook and DVD . I also received Decimals and Percents. The target age for this level is Middle Grade to High School.
To have your child ready for Pre-Algebra, it is recommended that the child also complete the Geometry and the Problem Solving books. This is what I plan to do with Joshua.

Each daily lesson consist of five parts: two speed drills, review, helpful hints, problems containing the new material that was introduced and a Problem Solving question. The book is divided into 8 chapters: Whole Numbers, Fractions, Decimals, Percent, Geometry, Integers, Charts and Graphs and Word Problems.

Math Essentials has some unique features.With the speed drills you can have your child work on a facts that they have trouble with by putting that number in the center of the 'wheel'.
After the new concept is taught the child can refer to the Helpful Hint if needed.
The first two problems have an S. This is so the parent/teacher can go over the first two before letting your child loose to complete the page on their own.

Math Essentials has 127 student pages. The pages are black and white, uncluttered, with no fluff, just math.
Josh was happy that Math Essentials took between 20-30 minutes a day. In that time he completed a drill, did some review and worked on problems that were recently introduced, he was done with math and could move onto another subject. He absolutely loved that there was no distractions on the pages. They were clean and uncluttered. His brain works best with tidy, to-the-point pages. I have found when the pages of any subject are in disarray it's too much for his organized ways.

I'm so thankful for math programs that include DVDs. For us this is a wonderful bonus because Joshua doesn't have to wait for me (he really dislikes waiting for me because I'm so busy with his younger siblings). There are times when Joshua will wake before the sun is up and with the Math Essentials he can do math and be done before school-time even starts. So yes, we like having Mr. Fisher teach at our house. If Josh needs more help, I'm always available.

Mr. Fisher, has been teaching since 1971 with a B.A. in mathematics. One can tell that he truly knows math and has a passion to share his knowledge with his students. What Joshua likes about watching the DVD is there's no fluff. Mr. Fisher gets to the point and teaches. He doesn't over explain and make a math problem more complicated then it has to be. Joshua thrives on structure, organization and clear instructions. This is exactly what Math Essential delivers for him.

A note about the DVD. You don't have to watch it every, single, day. At first Joshua was watching each DVD lesson daily and was wondering why he was being taught something different from what was in his workbook. He soon realized that after watching one lesson he could do the next couple of workbook pages on his own. To make things easier we quickly figured out a way for Josh to know when he needed to watch a lesson. We put a dot next to each lesson that he would need to first watch. As you can see below for example, he would need to watch a lesson via DVD for Identifying Fractions. For the next few days he would only do the workbook pages. Then for Adding Like Denominators he would watch a lesson before completing the workbook page.
Math Essentials is a very affordable program. It can be a stand alone program or use it as a supplement. Mastering Essential Skills Book Two for Middle Grades and High School cost $33.95. This includes the Workbook, DVD, and for a limited a free A+ Math Kit. You can purchase extra workbooks for $15.95 each. If your child needs to concentrate on a certain math skill there are workbooks for Fractions, Geometry, Problem Solving, Decimals & Percents, and Whole Numbers & Integers. Each workbook (which include an Answer Key in the back) are $11.95.

Through the months of July, August and September, any order that includes Mastering Essential Math Skills Book 1, OR, Mastering Essential Math Skills Book 2, OR, No-Nonsense Algebra, will include a free copy of Geometry (A $14.95 value) plus a free Homework Kit (A $4.99 value).

The Decimal and Percent workbook that I received is set up the same way as Mastering Essential Math Skills Book 2 but minus the DVD. The extra workbooks do not have an accompanying DVD.
How did we use Math Essentials? Joshua pretty much used this on his own daily. Once he starts the percent and decimal lessons, I will add the Percents & Decimal book as well. I also plan on purchasing the Geometry and Problem Solving books as suggested by Mr. Fisher.

What did I think of Math Essentials? Like Josh, I appreciated the no fluff, clean and uncluttered pages. I liked the ease of use, that my son could pop the DVD in the computer and have a math teacher teach him day or night, 24/7.

What did Joshua think of Math Essentials? He liked the structure of the program. He liked his 'math' teacher, which is always a plus and like mentioned above the clean, uncluttered workbook pages kept him focused.

**Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine.

Annette Last Summer

Look what I found, a picture of my Girl from last summer. This picture was taken by her Auntie H on their way back to California.

She looks so cute riding a dinosaur and so much younger. My how she has grown in the past year.

Where Have I Been?

It seem like forever since I've posted to my blog other than some reviews that I had to make sure went live.

Where have I been? My husband's family from California drove all the way out here to see us and of course my SIL as well. In our little three bedroom, one bathroom house we had 12 kids and 6 adults. It's been loud and crazy but a good loud and crazy, a happy loud and crazy.

I have tons of pictures but I'll just share a handful right now. Below is a picture of Grandma and Grandpa with all their grandchildren. It's been a few years since we've all been in one place at the same time!!!
 Once done with taking pictures around town we all headed to our favorite burger joint. In-N-Out, cause that's what a hamburger is all about =)
 Ethan, Annette, Caleb, Josh and their cousin, Middle j.

Lupe and Miss A, having a good time. I love when my husband laughs. You can see Ethan in the background, me and Lance too.
 Joshua and his cousin Mr. M.
 A picture of all the kiddos. I didn't know I was in range of the photo.
 After eating burgers we went to Braums for some ice cream cones. Ethan, me and Annette. I do believe that my nephew Mr. M. put his cone in front of the camera. I kinda like how it adds to the picture.
 I thought this one was cute with Annette and her two cousins. Little D and Little R.

We had a blast with our family. They are so much fun. We were constantly on the go. Hopefully I can share more later.

Monday it's back to Summer School. I have review items that we need to get back too. I'm really excited about Joshua using Time4Writing. He'll start Monday.