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Bible Time with Annette

Annette and I are so blessed with being able to review Heroines of the Past Bible Study. We are on our second week and very much enjoying it. I took her to our favorite coffee shop and am so upset at myself because I forgot my camera. I picked it up to put in my bag and forgot it. She looked so cute sitting across from me with her Bible, pretty face and drink in hand. I so wanted to share that wonderful moment with you all.

We also had a good talk about our freedom to worship in this wonderful country and how we do need to pray for our leaders. We do want to keep it that way.

We also talked about our relationship with each other. My Annette, is entering the girl-teenage years. Although we have a wonderful relationship and I'm thankful my daughter still holds my hand when we take walks and she loves being with me, our relationship has been a bit strained lately. We've been snapping at each other and it scares me to death. I want Annette to always know I'm here for her. If she needs to talk, I want her to know that her dad and I will stop what we are doing and listen. I want Lupe and I to keep her heart and I told her that. I'm very open with her about this. She needs to know how important it is to her father and I about keeping her heart with us. To have her feel comfortable to share anything with us.

Though our relationship has been a bit strained, Annette, is not disrespectful, she listens, she shows that she loves me and we are still very close. She's a wonderful daughter and I thank the Lord daily for my precious girl.

I will fight tooth and nail with the devil to keep my daughter. By tooth and nail I mean I will pray for her daily, pay attention to her, love her and let her know she is precious to me and I will do whatever it takes to keep her close. I'll brush her hair daily until it's time to pass the brush to her someday hubby, if that's what the Lord chooses for her ;)

We had a good talk about us, mother and daughter. I love my Annette. She is so special. She is a joy to be around and I let her know it.


  1. This was so beautiful, Linda, and the way that it should be! :)

  2. Glad you were able to spend that special time with Annette. It's great that you are letting her know how special she is, and that you and Lupe are always there for her...I believe kids need to hear that every now and then. :)


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