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Date Night

Tonight Lupe and I had dinner at Grand China Buffet, I was a bit skeptical at first because I'm not too fond of buffets. Once I saw the California Rolls, I was hooked. I probably ate at least 10 of them, yum! We had a coupon, buy one meal get one free.

Lupe, had to exchange a shirt at Kohls. While there I started looking for another skirt and found one on clearance for $12.00. Lupe, found me a few shirts as well and a dress for Annette. We went to exchange a shirt and came out spending $88.00. I'm glad for the skirt though.

We were looking for a comforter at Kohls but didn't find one we liked, so off to Target we went. I picked up three kinds of berries for my breakfast. I love having a bowl of fruit with Vanilla yogurt, it's tasty. I lost my Sweets in the grocery section. I decided to see if I could find a basic black skirt. One that goes with everything. I have been searching for weeks and haven't found one. I've been praying too but I guess it's not my time yet to own one ;) I'm looking for one that goes to my ankles. Anyway, I did find a few more shirts but they didn't fit right.

My Sweets and I were reunited and we decided to look for a comforter. There was one I've been wanting for years now but it's too girly, so I found my second favorite. Instead of mini Cherry Blossom pattern, I found one that had soft purple flowers so it's not super girly. I'll take a picture later. There was also a pretty, soft, pink floral blanket. It even had softies (the silk trim). Below is a picture of the one we didn't purchase but I hope to own someday. Look at those softies!
We did find another comforter that we both liked but Lupe said we should go with the mini purple flower one, because I've been wanting one similiar to it for years.

On the way home we went through the McDonald's Drive-through (is thru an official word now?). We had a buy one get one free Frap. I'm sipping it as I type.

That was our date night, I have so much fun spending time with my Sweets. We laugh, hold hands, he opens my car door for me and we just have a good time.

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  1. What a sweet date night! My husband and I do not nearly go on enough dates :( I really miss those moments of just the two of us....I appreciate the words you shared to inspire me to do more with just him. I make time with the girls and, sadly, I forget to schedule it with my husband.


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