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Fun With Auntie

Ethan got some extra attention today from his Auntie R. She took him out shopping for the day. I was so glad that Ethan had a special day with his Auntie. We all need those days when someone spoils us just because. With six children I admit it's hard at times giving all the children the attention they need. Lupe and I try but it's great when an Auntie or grandparent steps in occasionally.
She took him to Once Upon a Child and bought him some much needed clothes. They went to Family Christian Store and she bought him the shirt he's wearing in the picture and she treated him to lunch at Wendy's. It's not everyday my children get a Frosty, so that was a real treat! Thank you Auntie R, for taking my little guy out.

Edited to add that Ethan didn't expect clothes or lunch and would have been happy just driving around with Auntie R or playing a board game, having that extra time with an adult is precious for a child. But you know Aunties, they love to spoil when they can. I know I do =)

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  1. How fun! I miss spending time with the kiddos...but I'm excited for this weekend I get to spend with Caleb. :D

    Looks like Ethan had lots of fun! You can see it in the pictures. Glad that your kids have Aunties (and Grandparents, etc) that love them! <3


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