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Homeschool Lounge Review: What's in the Bible?

 What's in the Bible? In the Beginning was created by the maker of Veggie Tales, Phil Visher.

I've had my eye on What's in the Bible? In the Beginning (Genesis) for quite some time. I thought it would be good for Lance since he's been having so many questions about God.

There are two 25 minute episodes; What's in the Bible? and Who Wrote the Bible? It also includes a short bonus of Quacky's Questions.

What's in the Bible? teaches the children how the Bible was put together.
Who Wrote the Bible? Teaches how the Bible was inspired by God.

In each episode you meet a variety of interesting characters from the Sunday School Lady to the Bently Brothers.
When the DVD arrived I couldn't wait to watch this with my children. The next day I popped it in the DVD player and with five children (some mine some my SIL) ages 4-8. My Sister-in-law was visiting with her children and was happy to join in with watching. She too has had her eye on the series.

I found the first episode, (What the Bible Teaches?) to be a bit drawn out and slow. I kept waiting for 'What the Bible Teaches' to be introduced in a way my young children would understand. The scenes changed fast from one character to another. I thought there was a bit too much information for my younger crowd. My Sister-in-law felt the same way about the first episode.

The second episode, (Who Wrote the Bible?) was more for the younger ones. This one kept there interest more than the first. I think because all the introductions to the books in the Bible were done.

My 8yr. old niece understood most of what she watched but the younger ones, including my 7yr. old, a lot of it went over their heads.
Bottom line, the first in the series wasn't what I expected. With that said, I do plan to order the second in the series because I think now that all the introductions are over it will be more story-like.

You can purchase your copy of What's in the Bible? In the Beginning, as a download, each episode cost $6.49 or you can purchase the DVD for $14.99. Right now they are on sale for $10.00. You can also purchase the whole set which includes DVDs 1-8 for $80.00.
To expand on each episode you can also download a study guide, coloring pages, make Bible flashcards and crafts.

You can also find What's in the Bible? at Facebook and Twitter.
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