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A Few Purchases

I'm excited to have made a few homeschooling purchases. I ordered Math-U-See Zeta for Annette and Caleb, Math Essentials Book 1 for Brent, Math Essentials Geometry and Word Problems for Josh and Standard Based Grammar 3 for Ethan.

Annette is leaving with Auntie R for three weeks, so she won't start MUS until she gets back, same with Caleb as he is in California. Brent, will hopefully start Math Essentials as soon as it arrives. I'm excited to have purchased Standard Based Grammar for Ethan. I  chose to go with Book 2 instead of the Homeschool Edition because the author recommends using Grade 3 if the child is on the younger side and hasn't had much grammar.

Here is a quote from Create Better Writers Website:
The Home School Edition covers all the standards for grades 3 though 8, but it moves at a faster pace. An advanced third grader may be able to grasp the third grade standards from the book, but most third grade students would benefit from the Grade 3 Edition.

If we continue with this grammar program then next year I'll purchase the Homeschool Edition and he can move on from there. I love that it's an eBook so I can use this with Lance. I'm still debating about purchasing the Homeschool Edition now for Caleb and Brent. To use Rod and Staff or Standard Based Grammar, it's up-in-the air still.

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  1. Isn't is exciting to get those new books in for the upcoming school year?! I love it:)


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