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Week 3 Day 11 of Summer School

I'm excited to have posted my Lightning Literature review. It's been FOREVER since I've had a Schoolhouse Review. It was a nice break but I missed it, and though I haven't posted any reviews, it doesn't mean we haven't been using review items. Right now most of our summer school work has been from the Crew.
Math~Professor B & Math Made Easy & Math Essentials
Writing~Create Better Writers
Improving our auditory memory~HearBuilder
History~King Alfred's English

I started school a bit late today. My first session was Create Better Writers with Annette, Caleb and Brent. Josh was with his Grandpa buying some pelts for his air soft gun.
 Lance joined in, but when he couldn't keep up he got very upset and ripped his paper.
I sat with Ethan to complete a Professor B Math lesson. I love how the program has Ethan thinking instead of just memorizing. Like I've mentioned in previous post, he knows his two times tables but going through them with Professor B, he is learning them in a different way and  unknowing to him he's learning division as well.
A few screen shots from our lesson. Each toy cost $2.00.

 Lance, completed a lesson as well. He is learning subtraction and addition. In this lesson he is skip counting by twos, this time with odd numbers. 1+2=3, 3+2=5, 5+2=7 and so forth.
Lance, also started Math Made Easy today. He took a post-test. I had him sit at his dad's desk, where it was quiet.
 I told him that he doesn't need to know all the facts, just answer the ones that he does know. As you can see my little guy, um, doesn't know very many. He missed 3+2. Hopefully by the end of the course he'll know them within 8 seconds of me saying an addition problem.
Lance understand addition and can figure the problems out with his fingers and toes, so the next step is to get those facts memorized.

The children completed other school work as well but more on their own. Annette, went to her sewing class. She is making me a blanket.

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