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Little Eyes

Yesterday we took the children to Half Priced Books. I was busy trying to find my homeschooling books and at the same time had the children coming and showing me their books, asking questions as to which one to get because we couldn't get them all. Here I am trying to pay attention to the children and find a good deal.

Well, Lance came to me with two movies, one being Scooby Doo. The Scooby Doo was $4.99. The other movie was $9.99. The children have watched some Scooby movies in the past so I didn't hesitate to choose the less expensive one (the Scooby Doo). What I failed to notice was it had the word Zombies.

The next day (Saturday) I let my sensitive Lance watch it. Big mistake. Later he came and told me he didn't like it because there were scary things in it. I looked at the cover and that's when I realized my mistake and saw the ugly word Zombies. I told Lance, that we can sell it and buy him a different DVD.

Tonight, he came to me and said he can't sleep because he is not having good thoughts. I asked him what kind of thoughts is he having. He mentioned the Scooby Doo cartoons. We prayed. I asked God for forgiveness and please give Lance a good nights rest. I told Lance I was sorry for not paying attention and letting him watch that movie. We both agreed that we wouldn't sell the movie but throw it away so other children won't be scared. His own words, "We should not sell that movie, so other kids won't be scared and see that". I thought it was very kind of him to think of others, even at the cost of not getting his money back.

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  1. That's happened with us too, with one princess in particular. She is very sensitive to the things she sees, and often it is at night that they plague her. Unfortunately, even in the innocent things there are scary scenes. I remember two Little House on the Prairie episodes that scared me for weeks as a kid. We skipped those episodes when we bought the DVDs, but as my kids got older and watched them on their own, they discovered those two skipped episodes. And once again they gave nightmares to a couple of my princesses. While I agree that we need to shelter them from things, there is also good discussion that can come from scary images. The reality is that the older I get, the scarier the world really is. But, as we always sing, "God is bigger than the Boogie Man!" Blessings.


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