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2012-2013 School Year/Blog Hop

 {I wrote this post at the end of July, but it has all that we will use for our 2012~2013 school year}

We are at the end of July and I haven't ordered our school stuff yet. It's been so humbling these past couple of years. Normally I'm done ordering and am organizing. Most years I can start school in August if I wanted to but the past two years has me barely getting my stuff before it's time to start the new year.

Thank goodness for the Schoolhouse Review Crew, they've kept me busy so I'm not wallowing in my sorrows ;) but it is at the back of my mind that I'm not prepared at all for this year. I haven't even wrote a 'What we are using"  post. Normally I'm agonizing okay maybe that's over doing it but I'm usually going back and forth as what to use.

Today Lance started The Reading Kingdom (review item)so he'll continue through the school year along with Horizons Phonics. I think for math I'll have him continue with Professor B Math and finish his Mathematical Reasoning math book. If I can get to his Language Smarts book, we'll do that too. And we'll slowly work our way through Little Hearts for His Glory by Heart of Dakota.

With Ethan, for math I think we might continue with Teaching Textbooks I would like to use Professor B Math as well but I know I may not have time to teach it. For Grammar I'm still debating whether I should use Rod and Staff 3 or Standard Based Writing 3. I like that Standard Based Writing seems more doable to this homeschooling mama of 6. Especially with me being involved with all my children in some subject or another. Ethan will start Bigger Hearts from Heart of Dakota. I may or may not have him use the science portion. If I choose not to he'll use Human Body and Forensics along with his two older sibling, Caleb and Brent. I would like to continue using Phonics Pathways with him. I ordered A Reason for Spelling but am not sure if I should just have him copy words from Phonics Pathway.

With Brent, he will continue with Preparing Hearts and hopefully move onto Creation to Christ. We haven't been keeping up with Preparing Hearts this summer and with Caleb gone, well, it's not going to get done as planned. I might change things up a bit for math and use Math Essentials Book 1 and have him finish his Mathematical Reasoning Book as well. For Grammar I'm debating too as whether to use Rod and Staff 4 or  Standard Based Grammar Homeschool Edition along with Digging into Diagramming. Spelling I'm still not sure if I  want to go a formal route with A Reason for Spelling or use only the dictation from Heart of Dakota. I may just go with copywork and dictation since I won't have to purchase a spelling program that way.

Caleb will continue with Math-U-See Zeta. He's doing so well with it, I dislike to change it. I would love to have him use Math Essentials along with Brent to save money but then again, Annette is using Math-U-See as well. 6 children 4 different math programs, yikes! Like Brent, Caleb will use Preparing and Creation to Christ from Heart of Dakota. Same issues about grammar and spelling as I mentioned above with Brent. Both Caleb and Brent will use Human Body and Forensics from WinterPromise for science. I thought it might be easier to use than Heart of Dakota.

My sweet Annette, she will use Resurrection to Reformation from Heart of Dakota. Rod and Staff English 6 for grammar. Lightning Literature and Medieval History Based Writing, along with copywork and dictation for Language Arts. Math-U-See Zeta and that should do it I think. I'm still debating if I should have her continue with Soaring with Spelling or only use copywork and dictation. I almost forgot Latin Road to English Grammar, hope this is doable. I know this requires me to teach so I'm not totally sure on this.

Joshua, wow, my baby is starting high school. He will use Time4Wrting for grammar. WriteShop and Soaring with Spelling, not sure which level. Latin Road, I hope his grammar is up to par for this. Bob Jones for history, Bible, and Literature. WinterPromise for science, Human Body and Forensics along with Body of Evidence 8 DVD Set. Keyboarding for the Christian School  and Health as electives. I'm not sure if he can fit in two electives, so we'll just have to wait and see. This is my first time homeschooling a high schooler.

My four younger children will also add Speekee a Spanish program. Through the year we will add our Schoolhouse reviews. 

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  1. So I count four different HOD programs. Sounds a lot like mine. We'll have to get through it together. Looks like a fun year! Blessings.

  2. Yes, we need to encourage one another.

  3. Looks like a busy year. Wishing you the best.


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