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Schoolhouse Review: Keyboarding for the Christian School

I was needing a Keyboarding course for Joshua to use as a high school elective, so thankfully the Schoolhouse Review Crew was able to review Keyboarding for the Christian School. This program can be used in a classroom or homeschool setting and uses 12-point Times New Roman font for each exercise.
This course provides 43 lessons.
*The first 29 lessons concentrate on the alphabet and number/symbol keys.
*Lesson 30~Centering (Bible passages)
*Lesson 31~Enumerating Lists (How to Have a Personal Relationship with God)
*Lesson 32~Tab Key
*Lesson 33 & 34~Reports (MLA Academic and APA Academic Reports)
*Lesson 35~Cover Page
*Lesson 36~Works Cited
*Lesson 37~Bibliography (Create Bibliography)
*Lesson 38~Personal-Business Letters
*Lesson 39~Business Letters
*Lesson 40~Envelopes
*Lesson 41~Proofreader's Marks
*Lesson 42~Timed Writing
*Lesson 43~ Tables

Throughout the program there are Biblical references that your child will type. Psalm 63, Psalm 13, Mathew 10:30, to name a few. Different Bible passages from the book of Psalm are provided for timing your student in Lesson 42.

Screen shots from the e-book walk the student through step-by-step instructions.
{Because I enlarged some of the screen shots for this review, they aren't as crisp and clear as it appears in the book}
{Please click on screen shots to enlarge for better viewing}
For this review I received the e-book version of the program, a print book can also be obtained by emailing the publisher for special pricing or through Amazon, a link is provided on Keyboarding for Christian School's website.

I don't have a Nook, Kindle, iPad or laptop, so I printed my book and had it spiral bound. At first I was printing a week worth of pages at a time, but found we were losing papers. Having it bound kept everything tidy and neat, just the way Joshua likes it! I also purchased the Keyboarding Lesson Plans and had it bound along with Keyboarding for Christian School for easy reference.
Here you can see samples. Keyboarding for the Christian School, is recommended for grades 6-12 for $15.95. You can also purchase an eight page schedule for $9.95. The Elementary Version, recommended for grades K-5 is $12.95. For a limited time get 20% off, use coupon code SUMMER2012. Offer expires August 29, 2012.

How did we use Keyboarding for the Christian School in our home? Joshua, used this daily for about 15-20 minutes a day. He would complete a lesson and type a scripture passage. The scripture passage is scheduled in the Keyboarding Lesson Plans.

What does Joshua think about Keyboarding for the Christian School? He likes that it's clear and simple. The pages are clean and not cluttered. He also mentioned that he loves typing the verses and likes that the program is written by someone who loves the Lord!

Please visit the Schoolhouse Review website to read more Keyboarding for the Christian School reviews.
**Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine.


  1. We enjoyed this program very much for Adam's ninth grade year. I have saved it for Joshua, but when I purchased it, there weren't any lesson plans. Those would have been useful. ;)

    I'm glad your Josh liked it! It's a whole 1/2 credit in keyboarding. :)


  2. Linda,

    Thank you for the kind review!

    The reason I developed this curriculum was because the books I used in school had students typing New Age mantras--ugh! Even though the lessons were interactive; the content was not appropriate.

    If you have other questions or concerns; I am available to help at l.beitel@christiankeyboarding.com.


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