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Sleeping Under the Stars

I didn't get a picture of my boys sleeping outside but they did and I have the dark eyes to prove it! My boys love, love, love sleeping outside but the only problem is we have no fence, therefore I stay up all night. You know, it's a mama thing!

I went out there around three and took some water bottles to them because it was still pretty warm out and Brent was in one of those sleepers. The pjs that cover your feet and zip up. There are lots of mosquitoes so I wanted them well covered. I also sprayed them with bug spray.

When I went out to check, I mean give them some water, they mentioned that we have lots of possums. They could see them in the trees and along the fences. Ewwwwe, thankfully they can balance well and didn't fall out of the tree. The tree in our backyard is huge and the branches extend the length of our yard.

What did I do, I finished reading a book, polished of a review I'm working on, pre-watched a documentary about joining the Marines for the boys and read some blogs.

Here is Brent, he's making a rope out of bags. He wants to sell them. The ropes are actually pretty strong and can hold over 100lbs. I forgot the exact weight that one of the YouTube videos said.
Look how my Brent fell asleep one night. He was really excited to obtain the box, so much that he slept in it.

I was as surprised as you all probably are at seeing my Brent in a box!!!

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