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Summer School Week 5 of 2012

Joshua completed his second online assignment using Time4Writing, I'm so excited for him. He had to write a 5-7 paragraph about what he would like to learn from his 8 week course. It was hard for him have to think of five sentences but he did it. He's a bit nervous about what his teacher will say because it wasn't the best paragraph he's written.

Lance completed Math Made Easy and Horizons Phonics.

Ethan completed Professor B Math. We didn't have to go online because he is still working on, 1 finger equals 3 sticks. If I show 6 fingers he has to say 18 and so forth. He also read another page from Pathway Phonics.

Brent, completed a few pages from Mathematical Reasoning and that was it for him.

Annette worked on her Editor and Chief and Create Better Writers-How to Teach the Five-Paragraph Essay.

I read another chapter from Mr. Pipes and the British Hymn Maker.

In the afternoon my two SIL and their children, my kids and myself walked to our favorite coffee shop, well it's my families favorite coffee shop, Shoemaker and Hardt.
 Lupe surprised me and showed up. I was secretly hoping he'd make it, so I had a happy heart! After we finished our drinks we walked another short block to the park. I was hot but holding hands on our way to the park was worth it. Love my Sweets.

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