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Warrior Prayer

 I am working my through Warrior Prayers. Each chapter has verses with a blank spot to insert a name. Instead of reading 'I', I wrote one of the names of my boys.
 When I printed this ebook, I printed one prayer sheet for each boy. I wanted each of my boys to have their own.
 After I pray for each boy individually I then date the page. There are 21 pages, that are suppose to be done in 21 days but I admit I skip a day here-and-there but I try.
 I hope to use these prayer sheets for years to come and add my own verses or tidbits as needed for each boy.
 There are also sample prayers that I have personalized and add to. I want to make the book my own and fill it with personal prayers as well.

I would love something similar for Annette, I am on the hunt. I might purchase Raising a Daughter After God's Own Heart and write prayers and scripture in it.

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