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Week 3 Day 9 of Summer School

I don't know what to write because I'm so tuckered. I'll just list what I taught today and go from there.

I started off with teaching Create Better Writers~How to Teach the Paragraph, with Josh, Annette, Caleb and Brent. They actually had fun with this lesson/step. I started off our lesson with the question, "What makes a good paragraph?" they all shouted back, "One main idea", so they had a lot of fun with shouting.
Next, I taught the "Paper Set Up". You can view the 'Paper Set Up' by clicking the link above and scrolling down, there's a video that shows how to teach the children to set their paper up to write a good paragraph.
I had the children do this over and over until they all could set their paper up. I would say, you are about to write a paragraph, and immediately they are to set up their paper. They thought this was fun too. Below the children setting up their papers.

After teaching Writing to the older students, I then had Middle J, and Ethan come for a grammar lesson. Today, they had to circle the subject and underline the verb in the sentence. This was a bit difficult for them because instead of starting with some basic sentences, they jumped in to command and question kind of sentences. I prefer to start with the basics, practice a few days, then move on to questions, practice a few days then continue with the command and so forth.
Another thing I didn't like was the verbs were not only action but linking and helping. I haven't gone over those with the boys yet. But we got through it. If they didn't know the answer I would tell them and let them know why.

I then gathered all the children for Bible study time. I read from Who is My Neighbor? The story of the Chang family continued. The Chang family fled from China to San Francisco California where some relatives lived.

Middle J and Ethan, listened as I read from Philippians. With Beyond School we only completed three boxes today, History, Bible and Phonics.

Little J and Princess J, completed a butterfly craft. The letter for the week is "B".

I still need to completed Professor B Math with Lance and Ethan, have Lance practice reading and Brent needs to complete some Mathimatical Reasoning pages.

Joshua completed Keyboarding, Math and Spanish. Annette, completed Math.

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