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Week 3 Day 9

Today I focused on the two little ones. I had Little J practice cutting, tracing and coloring in the lines. Little Princess J, she colored, traced words and did some math. They both did a few things with the letter B from Exploring Letters in My World.
 My extra little blessings.

Joshua, Annette, and Caleb took the day off from school and went thrift shopping with their Aunt V. They found some nice things for cheap. Joshua found a glass chess/backgammon/checkers set, a bat, an air soft mask and some bags, all for about a $1.00. Can't beat that!!!

Annette found a vintage card game and cigar box for $0.50. I think Caleb found a computer game for a quarter. I'm not sure if he found anything else.

Later today I'm going to do Professor B Math with Ethan and Lance.

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  1. Linda,
    Hey! It's been a while since I had a preschooler to teach, but now I do again :) What is your favorite preschool program? and what was your opinion of the McRuffy program(s) and Saxon phonics that you used (what) a year ago?


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