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Week 4 of Summer School

This morning I had an orthodontist appointment. There is really not much they can do until I have my surgery. The surgery that I was suppose to have had last summer. Then it was suppose to happen in September or October of this year. Now it may have to wait until January of 2013. Our insurance dropped me and I don't have any coverage now. The insurance had every member at my hubbies work refile because some were signing up non-immediate family members. We had to turn in birth certificates, marriage license and so forth. Since we have our physical address and the P.O. box, they dropped me saying we live at different addresses. Now how am suppose to fit myself in a P.O. box?!? It's so frustrating. When hubby called to see what he needed to do to get me back on our insurance, all the lady would say, "If you think it will help send it in". The number my hubby called was the 'help' line. Well, she wasn't very helpful. Lupe was trying to figure out what needs to be sent to fix this and again all she would say,  "If you think it will help send it in", frustrating. Anyway I chose pink bands this time.

As for school, I've separted Josh, Annette, Caleb and Brent with Create Better Writers~How to Teach a Paragraph. I parked Caleb and Brent on Step 7. I thought I'd spend this whole week practicing our Topic Sentences. This isn't as easy as it sounds. We are to pick a topic and write three main ideas, it's writing the topic sentence that is hard for all of us.

Joshua and Annette are parked at Step 10, which is practicing writing a good paragraph. Today their topic was about the new club they are starting. Crusaders for Christ. Here is what Annette wrote.
Crusaders for Christ is an organization to glorify God with our talents. We have bible study, meetings, airsoft wars, and some other fun things. There is a clubhouse where we meet in which, by the way is in our backyard. Right now we are working on setting up rules based on the Ten Commandments. And that's what Crusaders for Christ is all about!

Tomorrow they will write a paragraph about a book they read, Thursday they will pick their own topic. Friday they will do Step 11. Then they will start the Five Paragraph Essay. I'm still trying to decide about Standard Based Grammar, it really looks great. I would love to start using this with Caleb, Brent and Ethan. I did purchase Writing Tricks Plus and hope to start Joshua using it in the next few weeks.

Now that my Professor B Math review is done, I'm going to put it a side for the next 6 weeks to concentrate on another math review item, Math Made Easy with Lance. I do plan to continue drilling him with what he's learned with Professor B, so when he starts again, he won't have to back-up a few lessons.

First I introduced the math facts this week with unifix cubes, then I used the flashcards and had both of us say 6+2=8 and so forth. I was going to play the little game but thought I'd save it for tomorrow.
 I then gave him the book to color today's lesson. At first he didn't understand what to do, that is why one balloon is half yellow and half green.
 I thought he colored very well. Look how hard he is conentrating. He didn't know all the facts so I had him use the unifix cubes to figure out the answer.

The rest of the children did their regular summer school subjects, math, okay so that's all we did today, other than HearBuilder and Are You My Neighbor? (Edited: guess I was thinking of Mr. Rogers when I wrote this post). Joshua was suppose to do Christian Keyboarding but his church buddy called and asked if he would like to visit. That's where Joshua is now.

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