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Weekend Photos

Here are some photos from our weekend. I guess I need to dust the family photo. Embarrassing!!! To this day I still don't know who the culprit was that felt the need to remind me of my dusty picture, haha.
 The picture is up on our bookshelf, so I forget to dust it and really one can't tell it needs it. Well, until someone makes circles around each family member.
 Brent posing with a new gun Joshua found at a garage sale. Lupe took Annette and Josh Saturday morning.
 Joshua is selling this unique, one of a kind, gun for $4.95 at our little booth we rent.
 This is our new bedspread that we purchased at Target on our date night.
 Joshua displaying his airsoft face mask. Over the weekend we moved in one of the dressers to give us more space in our storage unit. Can't wait for the day we move and I can have all my things in one place again.

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  1. Very Pretty Comforter! I've seen it there at Target, and the other one as well...very feminine and delicate!

    I have a few pics hung up that look similar to that one, so don't feel bad. I wonder if I can pay one of the boys to do that for me...hehe. So lazy this summer!


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