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Where Have I Been?

It seem like forever since I've posted to my blog other than some reviews that I had to make sure went live.

Where have I been? My husband's family from California drove all the way out here to see us and of course my SIL as well. In our little three bedroom, one bathroom house we had 12 kids and 6 adults. It's been loud and crazy but a good loud and crazy, a happy loud and crazy.

I have tons of pictures but I'll just share a handful right now. Below is a picture of Grandma and Grandpa with all their grandchildren. It's been a few years since we've all been in one place at the same time!!!
 Once done with taking pictures around town we all headed to our favorite burger joint. In-N-Out, cause that's what a hamburger is all about =)
 Ethan, Annette, Caleb, Josh and their cousin, Middle j.

Lupe and Miss A, having a good time. I love when my husband laughs. You can see Ethan in the background, me and Lance too.
 Joshua and his cousin Mr. M.
 A picture of all the kiddos. I didn't know I was in range of the photo.
 After eating burgers we went to Braums for some ice cream cones. Ethan, me and Annette. I do believe that my nephew Mr. M. put his cone in front of the camera. I kinda like how it adds to the picture.
 I thought this one was cute with Annette and her two cousins. Little D and Little R.

We had a blast with our family. They are so much fun. We were constantly on the go. Hopefully I can share more later.

Monday it's back to Summer School. I have review items that we need to get back too. I'm really excited about Joshua using Time4Writing. He'll start Monday.


  1. What fun to have such a big family with lots of cousins! I always wanted that. My cousins on my dad's side were having their own kids by the time I came along, so I don't know them at all. My kids only have one cousin who will be a senior this year, and one who will be born in January. Blessings.

  2. Precious family time!


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