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Schoolhouse Review: Reading Kingdom

Reading Kingdom is an interactive online reading program for ages 4-10. The program is designed to adapt to your child's needs. As the child moves through the program Reading Kingdom will customize to the child.

Reading Kingdom uses a 6 skills model of reading instruction that incorporates phonics and whole language. The 6 skills are: sequencing, motor skills, sounds, meaning, grammar and comprehension.
 I selected Lance my just turned 8 year old son to use Reading Kingdom. This past year he has learned to read short vowel words and consonant combinations such as /ck/, /sh/, and /ch/.

The program was painless to set up. Before taking the assessment you can choose for the child to use the keyboard or use the mouse to click on the letters shown on the screen. We chose to have Lance use the mouse. 

Lance was excited to get started. The program starts with a Seeing Sequences and Letter Land assessment. This actually took Lance about two weeks to complete. 
Reading Kingdom stresses the importance of the Seeing Sequences portion of the assessment. The child sees a word or a group of letters for instance 'girl', under that word are letters 'sgabicrl' the child needs to click on each letter in the order of the word above it. As the child progresses it gets a bit more difficult. 

Letter Land gives the child practice with the keyboard. They gain confidence as they learn and recognize the layout of the keyboard and become more efficient.

Lance was eager to complete the assessment so he could move on to the reading lessons. At the end of each 15 minute lesson, he was happy to see his progress. Below you can see that he has completed 75% of Seeing Sequences, 70% of Letter Land and 13% of the program.
 On the right side there are check marks, a bunny, child on a ladder and sun. Those let you know how your child did on the lesson he completed.
As you can see, Lance did Very Good with sequencing and Excellent with Letter Land.

Once Lance finished the assessment his first lesson started with the word 'girl'. He was asked to write 'girl'. He misspelled it. Because he missed the word he was shown the word on the screen. It disappeared and he was to click on the word girl. Once he was able to identify the word he moved to partial words and was asked which one could make the word girl, he had to choose. He actually did very well on this part.

I didn't understand why some of his first words were: girl, some, kid, and boys. I do understand that they want the child to learn these words so when they read the online book they will know the words and will feel successful but it didn't seem right to start with vowel combinations that Lance was not familiar with.

Here are the words that were in Book 1: kid, girl, kids, girls, some, a, boys, and more.
Some Kids, is the title of Book 1.

How did we use Reading Kingdom? It's not required but I sat with Lance for most lessons. Mainly to get a feel for the program. Once the assessment was over and I saw that the program started with words that Lance hadn't learned yet, I would coach him. When he was asked to write 'kid' I'd say the word and stress the sounds.

What did he think of the program? He didn't care for it and thought it was boring but thankfully he completed each lesson without complaining. He also mentioned that it became more difficult for him or in his own words, "It got more hard", he said this after the assessment was done.

What did I think? I still haven't wrapped my finger around the philosophy of the program. I would have liked it to start with short vowels and move from there. I prefer a good mix of phonics and some sight words. When the program started with words like girl and some, it seemed more of memorizing than learning the 'ir' sound or about the silent final 'e'. 

I would like Lance to continue using Reading Kingdom maybe the more we use it the more I'll understand why the program jumps right in with words.

You can sign up for a free 30 day trial. If you decide you would like to continue with Reading Kingdom the cost for a monthly account is $19.99 or if you prefer yearly $199.99. You can add more students for $9.99 a month per child and $99.99 a year (per child). Reading Kingdom also offers a Scholarship Program. You can find Reading Kingdom on Facebook and Twitter.

If you would like to read more Reading Kingdom reviews, please visit the Schoolhouse Review Crew website.
**Disclaimer: As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine.

More Pics of Lance

Tuesday Lance and I were playing Monopoly Deal again. He won the game! He was excited but was wondering if he really won. He asked, "Did you make it easy", I told him nope! He replied, "Good because I don't like easy".
Lance has two more lose teeth. Both have an emerging tooth right behind it. You know me, always trying to capture everything.
 Including a close-up, see the tooth coming through on the left side?
Yesterday Lance and I somehow got on the subject of heaven. He asked me what was heaven like and I remembered a childhood song, "Heaven is a Happy Place" so I sang it to him. I told him we'll see Grandma Mary and Moses. He asked, 'Will we see Joshua?" I replied, "Yes and Caleb". He responded with, "No, Joshua from the Bible" and I said, "Caleb is in the Bible too". Lance, "Oh yeah, he fought with Joshua".
We also discussed hell too. Lance truly is my deep thinker.

Schoolhouse Review Crew Day

Everything we did today for school was from being on the Schoolhouse Review Crew. The first thing I did was set-up a ZooWhiz account for Brent. He was happy to do school today. We then headed outside. The weather was cooler than usual at 84*. That was in the morning now it's 96*. Anyway, we went outside to do some Family Time Fitness. I glad to report that I was able to do the whole lesson. The children cheered me on with, "You can do it! You're almost done." ah, what sweet kids I have.

About 30 minutes later I was not huffing and puffing anymore so I called the children to the living room for our read aloud time. This too is a Schoolhouse Review item, A Cry From Egypt. Of course I was trying my hardest not to cry so instead I was quivery. While I was reading I would stop and talk to them about the book. I want the children to really understand how hard it was for the Israelites during the time of slavery. After a few chapters I had to stop reading. It was hard to put the book down but I was getting hungry.

We ate lunch and listened to an Adventures in Odyssey by Focus on the Family. Caleb loves listening to these. Normally I go to my room and eat because it's so loud but today I sat and listened and of course really enjoyed it. In fact I have to wait until tomorrow to find out what happens.

Once we were done with lunch we all went back to the living room for another read aloud, My Side of the Mountain. This is related to our Once a Week Unit Study~Forest for the Trees. I am suppose to be wrapping it up with this book but I'm only half way. Maybe I'll read more tonight.

While reading to the children there was a knock at the door. Lo and behold it was another Schoolhouse item from Beeyoutiful. Of course I had to pause our reading just long enough for me to open the box so I could touch and smell these wonderful products. I feel so spoiled. Here's what I received. Hair Shine-In Conditioner, Laveshmint Daily Moisturizing Lotion, Laveshmint Hydrating Toner, and Vanilla Dream Body Butter, it all smells so heavenly!!!
Once I read a few more chapters I was off to wash my face and pamper myself.
 Now I'm off to get some more school stuff ready.

Edited to add that Joshua completed a Time4Writing lesson too. I never did get school stuff ready. I ended up going outside with Brent to get a fire going in the fire-pit. He wanted to cook a potato in the ashes.

Molly Review: The Everyday Family Chore System

I'm excited to be a part of The Molly Crew, this is an extension of the Schoolhouse Review Crew. The Molly Crew reviews items that aren't curriculum related. It's more of gardening, kitchen gadgets, and such. Our first review for The Molly Crew is Everyday Homemaking!
Everyday Homemaking is a website that offers products not only for homemaking but homeschooling as well. Vicki Bently along with her husband have fostered over 50 children since 1986. She has a passion to teach young women 'mommy' skills as she has taught many pregnant teens since 1994. What a wonderful ministry her and her family have, talk about being a light in this world.

I had the chance to review The Everyday Family Chore System and what an honor to have been chosen to review one of Vicki's books. I was blessed with a physical print copy. The cost is $19.00. You can purchase an eBook as well for $17.99.

The book consist of three parts:
~Part 1: Laying the foundation
~Part 2: Implementing the Plan
~Part 3: The Actual Chore System (I had fun with this part)

Laying the foundation was my favorite chapter because it wasn't all about chores but where do you want to see your child your children as young adults, what kind of life skills do you wish to see implemented? What sort of attitude toward work do you want them to have? What about their attitude toward authority, serving one another and how will they get there.

A verse from Part 1:
"Obey your leaders and submit to their authority. They keep watch over you as men who must give an account. Obey them so that their work will be joy, not burden...." Hebrews 13:17 (NIV)

Viki gives the four basic principles:
  • Have realistic and age-appropriate.
  • Establish rules or standards.
  • Have a working knowledge of family discipline.
  • Tie Strings to their hearts.
She then goes into detail explaining each principle.

Implementing the plan talks about delegating and assigning responsibility. Here you will find a Life Skills Checklist, sample routines and list to get you started, how to put your chore system together, and how to succeed with your chore system. All through this chapter, Viki gives suggestions and ideas. She mentions how one mom implemented the finger system for you child's personal duties.

The Actual Chore System is where all the fun of putting it together. Here you will find the reproducible pages. I love that I don't have to write or type the chores up. All I had to do was copy, cut, and paste.
Vicki gives more than one way to put this chore system together. I chose using clothespin.

What I needed to get started, poster board, clothespins, card stock, glue and markers. That's it! Laminating the chore cards and such would be a good idea too but I chose not to.

Here is how mine looked when I was done. It was fun organizing and putting it all together. Half my children were states away (and two still are) so that is why my chart looks so empty.
 The left side hold the daily chores that belong to the child for a week and the right side is the weekly chores that the child will do for a month. I tweaked and added some daily ones as well, those are the chores clothe-pinned to their name.The daily pins go down one child once the chore is completed. All the chores are rotated unless a child needs extra time to really learn and do the job right.
What I love about this system is the chore cards have exactly what the child is to do. I think by having the chore cards the child is able to make the chore his/her own. It's not mom telling him what to do anymore.  I decided to color code the cards to match the chore on the clothespins

If you have a non-reader you can take a picture of the child doing the job assigned and glue that on an index card. For those that have younger children, ages two or three than you have the child help and do chores right along with you. This way you are training the child and imagine if the parent does the job cheerfully, reciting verses, and talking the child through the chore, what training the child is receiving. What a gift you are giving to your little ones by being true examples of Christ. This is something that I now look back on and wish I would have taken the time to have my children work besides me.

My husband was really impressed with this chore system. He liked that it was simple, logical, uncluttered and very doable. Seeing what chores were assigned to each child was a plus for him. We were doing something similar but without the set-up. Once a week my husband would assign chores to the children and we were always forgetting who we gave what chore to. So my hubby liked the visual aspect of The Everyday Family Chore System.

What I liked is the little things where getting done (like cleaning the toaster) as well as the bigger jobs (like clean the inside of the truck). Like my Sweets, the visual aspect was great! Seeing what each child's job was at a glance helped me keep up with who had what chore.

Some of The Molly Crew members reviewed Everyday Cooking as well, please visit the Schoolhouse Review website to read more Everyday Homemaking reviews!

**Disclaimer: As a member of the The Molly Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine. 

Summer School

I haven't been taking pictures but we have been getting some school done. Here's what we have done in the past two days:

Family Time Fitness
A Cry From Egypt (read aloud)
Forest for the Trees
Pearl Harbor Study

And that's about it. Hopefully we get Speekee and Reading Kingdom in tomorrow. Lance hasn't been feeling well. He's much better today, thankfully. Yesterday he said his head felt as if someone was pulling his hair. My poor little guy!

Family Time Fitness has been so much fun. Painful but fun. In lesson 8 (this was Friday's lesson but it was a funny one) we did the Ankle Alphabet. This is where you have to form each letter with your ankle. We were laughing because Lance kept forgetting the order of the alphabet. He'd me on 'l' and forget what came after it. Joshua said, "This is Alphabet torture!" and had us laughing again.

Today's lesson had us doing Frog Hops. Those were kind of fun, but I still didn't complete them all. When I can't finish an exercise I usually skip, shuffle, hop or do lunges while they finish. I try not to just plop on the couch.

Our current read aloud is A Cry From Egypt. This is such an exciting book. I finished it the same day that I started reading it to the children and now I'm reading it at a slower pace with them.

Yesterday we continued with our first week of Forest for the Trees Unit Study. We went outside and studied our tree. We think it is some kind of Elm tree.
 Our tree has an owie. We don't know what happened but I did read that Elm trees are susceptible to a fungal disease that were accidentally introduced to America in the 20th century.

 My boys need a hair cut. My Sweets will hopefully give them one this weekend. Lance isn't in the picture because he wasn't feeling well.
 My little monkey. This I believe is a walnut tree. I know our neighbor has some Pecan Trees (our state tree).

Today we started our Pearl Harbor Study. We studied pearls and endangered animals. We played a Go Fish type game but with endangered animal cards. It was fun.

I'm reading a lot to the children, A Cry From Egypt, a Tree book a day and a read aloud for the unit, and reading from our Pearl Harbor. It's been a bit much, so I decided to alternate our tree unit study and Pearl Harbor study. I'll see how that goes. I love to read but two things, number 1. with my allergies acting up these past few years, I can no longer read out loud to my children like I use to (think Sonlight books) and number 2. it's still summer/vacation time and I'm trying to organize and do mom stuff.

Well that's it for now =)

Sick Baby

Yesterday my Lance said he had a headache, by that evening he was warm and had a slight temperature. He fell asleep in the living room and I hoped he would sleep all night but he didn't. He crawled into our bed and made little whimpering sounds. I took him to the couch, gave him some cool water, took his temperature again and pulled of his socks. He was hot. I put a cool cloth on his forehead too.

I cuddled a little with him but he preferred to be in front of the air conditioner. He said it felt good on his feet.
This morning he still had a light temperature but is dong better. His head hurts only when he moves he said. I read lots of books to him and just stayed near. Now he is resting.

Ordered Bob Jones 9

Wow, I ordered Bob Jones Grade 9, Distance Learning via Dvd this morning. I'm excited and a bit nervous to have a high schooler. I ordered through a Bob Jones consultant, Mary. She was so helpful and when ordering through her you get free shipping, about a $99.99 saving!

As we were talking I let her know my concerns for Josh and she recommended using the 8th grade Grammar/Literature/Vocabulary. The vocabulary is not included, I added it just in case I can't  afford our Latin for this year. With the Grammar and Literature she recommended that I go back a year since Joshua has been struggling with it and since Bob Jones is a very rigorous course she said it should be fine as a high school course. I agree.

This year Bob Jones is also selling all that comes on the cds in printed format at a reasonable price, so I added those to my order as well.

With regards to the writing, I may still order Write Shop so I have it just in case.

Now all I need is Annette's Heart of Dakota, Res. to Ref. and Caleb and Brent's HOD, Creation to Christ. Hopefully within two weeks I can order. It won't be here in time for our start date but oh well, it can't be helped.

I may have us start anyway. I have enough stuff to get us started. I have Drawn into the Heart of Reading all set (almost, I'm still in need of 2/3 workbook), all our math is ordered (still thinking about TT4 for Ethan), and we can always continue with Preparing Hearts and/or our Pearl Harbor study.

I'll most likely post pictures later today!

Schoolhouse Review: Golden Prairie Press

I have a house full of boys and I love them very much, but I'm also so very thankful that God blessed me with a daughter too!
 Annette and I have a very special relationship, being the only girls in the house and all. She still likes to hold my hand when we take walks together and I think that is just real special. I love the way she calls me 'mama'.
Naturally as her mother I try to cultivate our relationship. I want to keep Annette's heart. I want to be the most important person (other than God and her father) in her life. I'm always finding ways to make her feel wanted, special, and loved. I know she needs that because her eyes light up when I tell her we are taking a walk to our favorite coffee shop or when I wake her in the middle of the night to have our very own girl time. No boys allowed =)

Why am I talking so much about my daughter you may be wondering. The Schoolhouse Review Crew had the opportunity to review a few eBooks from Golden Prairie Press. I was chosen to review Heroines of the Past Bible Study
A Bible study about virtuous women and girls. Good examples of what it means to have courage for Christ. Women who put others before themselves. One thing of many that my husband and I want to instill in all our children is to have a servants heart. This book does a good job of giving examples of servant-hood. A virtue I want my children to have.

Being one of the reviewers for this Bible study came at just the right moment. Annette would be leaving to stay with her Auntie R for a month. I do believe this was God's timing because it kept us connected while we were apart. We called each other to continue with the Bible study. 

This Bible Study is 13 weeks long. Each week consist of 5 daily lessons. There is a story to read, discussion questions, Bible verses to memorize, and scripture passages to study as well.

How did we use this wonderful Bible Study? Annette would call me after she had dinner. I printed a copy of the stories for her to take so she would have it in front of her when I read it to her. We would then look up the verses and I would read them aloud. I would ask Annette the questions and we would discuss them together.

Annette and I enjoyed this time together. The stories were very interesting. I know Annette would read ahead. The discussion questions were not super challenging but it gave a good springboard for us to discuss things deeper.

PhotobucketThe author Amy Puetz has a real heart for children. She has written and compiled many books that teach virtues and godly character.

Many of her books are in Ebook format with some available in physical, print book. You can purchase Heroines of the Past Bible Study eBook for $27.00 or a the printed book for $27.00 as well. This Bible Study is recommended for ages 8 years and older.

You can find Golden Prairie Press on Facebook.

Right now Amy is having a Back-to-School Sale, so now is the time to buy some good books for a great price!
My Crew Members were given the opportunity to review four different titles, to read their reviews please visit the Schoolhouse Review Crew website and enjoy!

**Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine.

Summer Days

My head hurts today. I'm all out of ibuprofen. Maybe I'll call my Sweets and see if he can pick some up on the way home and to think I was a Target today. Silly me!

This was our second day of our Forest for the Trees unit study. I read a book CelebriTrees Historic & Famous Trees of the World By Margi Preus. I didn't know that the exact locations of the tallest trees are not given to protect them. The previous tallest tree died because too many people  stood under it an damaged the roots. We also read some scripture and tomorrow we'll start our Tree Nature Journal.

The children and I watched another two episodes of Top Shot. Yes, it's addicting. It's also a great way to talk to the children about being a team player, how not to act, and showing them the players that have integrity. For instance some are voting others out because they are not 'friends' with them or others are overly sure about themselves. There is one guy who is just plain rude. I like to go over how they act with the boys.

My hubby and I do this with other shows like Gold Rush, Tree Cutters (forgot the real name) and such.

Around the house~Josh, wants some paintball so he can see where his shots are when he practices in the yard. Brent, Caleb, and Lance are having fun with the gazillion little Lego pieces.

Here are some pictures that were suppose to be on the "Weekend Wrap-up" post that I never wrote.

I went to my bedroom and found my Lance sleeping on my bed.
 It was raining out and right away Brent and Lance started making a shelter. The cans are leftover from target practice.

 Lance wearing a box that was suppose to be in the recycle bin.
 I told Lance to take the clothes out of the dryer. I heard his voice telling me that he's almost done. I check to see and found him tossing the clothes down. Being a mommy and all I said, Lance, you can't crawl in there it's dangerous and you could break the dryer.
Below is Joshua's, Brent's, and Lance's dresser. I like to take pics of their stuff every-so-often because it shows who they are.

A Little Bit About Everything Post (grab some coffee, it's long)

Caleb made it home safe and sound, thank the Lord. He has a very nice tan from the California sun. I know he went to the beach a lot and swimming with his cousins too. Caleb learned how to swim this summer. His Uncle A said he's part fish. I'm glad because I know it will boost my son's confidence. He's my very careful little guy and I noticed he's a bit like me with the whole confidence and assurance thing, so I'm glad he found a talent he didn't know he had, swimming. Now Lupe and I will have to take him to the pool more to continue and improve his strokes.

One of our current read aloud books is A Cry From Egypt and boy is it good. I started reading it today and after our read aloud time, I took it to my bedroom to sneak in another chapter.
I'm continuing with my 'nesting' feeling, not getting ready for a baby but school. You homeschooling mamas know what I mean. Clearing the shelves, organizing the books an planning the year out. My sister Cynce and I dubbed it a nesting feeling.

Today I started getting Lance's Little Hearts School ready. I was considering, okay am thinking about My Father's World 1st Grade, but am not sure. I think it would be too much.

I finally came to a decision  with what grammar/English to go with for my two middle boys. I really, really, like how Standard Based Grammar Homeschool Edition is consumable. The child can write in the book but in the end Rod and Staff English 4 won out. They were both neck-in-neck, I just figured R&S would be easier to use right along with Heart of Dakota. I was looking at it the other day and thought, this is a good English course with a godly focus, I'll just stick with my original plan.

I'm also excited that for the next month we'll be learning about trees and World War ll~Pearl Harbor. Our Box of Ideas (Pearl Harbor) should be here in two days, so hopefully we can start next week.

My books for our tree unit study all should be here by Tuesday, so that's a good thing. Today I'll read another chapter from My Side of the Mountain, and a suggested 'tree' book from our tree book pile.

At the home-front, the children and I have been watching a show via Netflix called Hot Shot. The boys LOVE this. What boy wouldn't love a show about guns, knives, archery, paint-ball and so forth. After the show Brent is making bulls-eye and Lance is setting up courses. Then the practice shooting. It's so cute.

Lupe, is working long hours at work. His commander and chief is on a short leave, so my Sweets is helping out with getting it done as my brother-in-law Don would say =) My prayer for my Sweets is for wisdom, strength, and him knowing his family is cheering him on and praying for him. I love you my Dear!

I started an 'I Like' notebook. Every day I have to write something that I 'like' about living in our current home. It's a challenge for me but my prayer is, that one day I'll be in tears to ever have to leave this place. Maybe that's going a bit far but I want good memories when we eventually do leave (although it feels like we'll never, ever, move at the moment).

This is getting a bit long and I still have to write our Weekend Wrap-up post still. I haven't cropped all our weekend pictures. Maybe I'll do that tonight before this week is over.

Today's Happenings

I have been so busy decluttering my school shelves that I was not going to write a blog post today but then I remembered my sister MaryEllen.looks forward to reading my blog daily. I filled a medium size trash with half used books, papers that I printed samples of, and just years of stuff. It was hard to toss some of it. I also filled a box for donation of extra practice math books, flashcards, and other books that we aren't using.

I found more book to sell as well. My house looks worse then it did before.

Yesterday I wrote that I won't be able to start our Once a Week Unit Study~Forest for the Trees, well I decided to start it regardless if we didn't have one of the core books. I figured I can extend the first week or play catch-up once the book arrives. Below you can see what I read today.
Here are some books that I will read this week too.
I didn't feel like doing our fitness school but I had us do it anyway. I had a good time once we started. The hard part was hula-hooping. I still haven't the knack for it. The children do great. I only snapped one picture this time of Lance and Josh. I thought they looked so cute together doing wall pushups. Love schooling my kiddos!
We learned a few more Spanish words and later Lance will do Reading Kingdom.

I felt bad for Josh today. He was almost done with his Time4Writing assignment, when he accidentally deleted all his hard work.

Well that's it for now, I need to get back to work. I unearthed so much stuff that I have to figure out where to put it. What box should it go in, donate to church library, trash, or give it away. 

I almost forgot the most exciting news!!! Caleb comes home today. Okay, off to clean!

Some Review Goodies

I need to get started with using a review item, "Forest For the Trees". I printed the book/guide over the weekend. I should have done this sooner but I wanted to take it to FedEx Office during our date night time. We didn't make it, so I printed it off our Laser Printer. I would have done this from the beginning but because we purchased the cheap toner, our prints don't come out very nice. Live and learn.

I thought our library would have some of the main books for this Once a Week Unit Study, but they didn't, so I just finished ordering them from various places. I also went to Half Price Books. I really dropped the ball on this one because I should have checked on all this stuff last week when the eBook arrived on Thursday. Now I won't be able to start until next Tuesday. That is when my books should be here. I still have plenty of time to review it but I like starting right away. The more time I have to use it the better.

Although since I ordered the books, either way I would have had to wait but at least if I would have ordered them on the 17th they'd be here by the end of this week instead of the beginning of next. Oh well, it will give me some extra time to read what we will do.

Another item I'll be reviewing is from Box of Ideas~World War ll Pearl Harbor. My boys will be pretty excited about this one. They are suppose to start shipping tomorrow. Can't wait.

Last week A Cry From Egypt arrived on our doorstep. I look forward to reading it to the children.

All these goodies should hold me over until I can get some of our school stuff ordered.

Schoolhouse Review: Time4Writing

Time4Wrting, is an online writing course for Elementary to High School. I'm very familiar with Time4Learning. I've used it over the course of our homeschooling years and have always been very pleased, so naturally when Time4Writing came up, I wanted to try it as well.

For this review I was given an 8 week course for High School Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics. The cost for this is $99.00.
From the Time4Writing website:
This eight-week course covers the technical areas of writing that high school students need to master before moving on to paragraphs and then essays, including:
  • Correctly identifying the parts of a sentence
  • Understanding complex sentences
  • Learning subject-verb agreement
  • Differentiating between plural and possessive nouns
  • Using pronouns, adjectives and adverbs in sentences
  • Identifying and spelling words that often confuse writers
  • Correctly using commas, semicolons, and other punctuation
  • Proofreading their writing for errors
What I was really excited about, Joshua, would have his own personal certified teacher to grade his work. Writing can be a scary subject to teach for some homeschooling moms, at least this mom. To have the opportunity for Joshua to receive feedback from a certified teacher was a real blessings. I know with the Lord's help I could teach writing, but I'm also thankful for any help.

Time4Writing's interactive online course is very user friendly. The set-up was painless and Joshua was able to start right away. Joshua initially was signed up for the Paragraph Writing course, but we soon found out that he needed more grammar practice. I emailed Time4Writing and within 24 hours they had my son set up for the Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics course. I give five stars for their customer service.

The course provides the student with two schedules to choose from, a four week and 8 week schedule. Of course the student can go at their own pace.
With some assignments the child receives immediate feedback. There are times the student will need to wait for the teacher to grade and give feedback before they can move on. Joshua would submit his assignment and within 24 hours it would be graded.
Joshua would be both nervous and excited waiting for his work to be returned. When Joshua missed a few problems, he was allowed to try and find what he did wrong and correct it. Once he resubmitted his work, his online teacher would grade it and we would get an email announcing that he could login and see how he did. 

About two weeks into the program I received and email asking how things were going. I was encouraged to email his teacher if I had any questions about his assignments. I was also informed that if Joshua needed some time off I should let them know and they could temporarily put the account on hold.

What did I think? I thought this was a wonderful opportunity for us and I hope to continue with another course for Joshua. I liked that he could hop on the computer and basically do this on his own. I will admit I was hovering at first and had to let go. You know, I wanted to make sure he understood all the instructions and such, but I found I was not helping at all. 

What did Josh think? From all the smiles, I think he liked it, actually I know he did because he asked if he could do another course after this one. He liked having his own teacher and the feedback she provided. He liked the challenge of trying to score 100 but was a good sport when he received an 80 or 90. 

{Edited 9/10/12}I'm editing my review because a new feature has been added. The lesson can now be heard as well. Just click on the audio icon to hear and see the lesson. This is great for those auditory learners.

To read more Time4Writing reviews please visit the Schoolhouse Review Crew website.
**Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine.