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105* and Missing my Children

It's a 105* and I'm melting here. I feel for my son Joshua. He's with some fellow Alert Cadets helping a missionary move today. Praying that he stays hydrated.

Today we didn't do school, other than Lance using Reading Kingdom. It's just been a very emotional, hectic, kind of day. Not only is Joshua for the day but Annette and Ethan left with Auntie R today. They will be gone for maybe three weeks. I miss them already.

I know Annette is really going to miss Lupe and I. I could see it in her eyes. Ethan at the last moment grabbed a family photo and said he wanted to take it with him. He would take very good care of it. Oh, my babies.

Once Annette, is home with her Auntie, she will call me daily to do our Bible Study together using, Heroines of the Past. It's a review item, so it's important that we continue using it. Thankfully we both enjoy it and it will keep us connected when we are states apart from each other.

Missing my Ethan already. His face says so many things. I see love, kindness, happiness, and a love for his mama.
 I also see giggles. I LOVE that crinkled nose!!!
 My Kung-Fu boy.

His shirt is wet because he was practicing with putting his head under water in the bathroom sink.

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  1. Such adorable little boys!!!

    Heavens, Linda, that's hotter than Florida...we were in the high 80's yesterday and I was melting from the humidity, I can't even imagine 105...yikes!


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