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A Little Bit About Everything Post (grab some coffee, it's long)

Caleb made it home safe and sound, thank the Lord. He has a very nice tan from the California sun. I know he went to the beach a lot and swimming with his cousins too. Caleb learned how to swim this summer. His Uncle A said he's part fish. I'm glad because I know it will boost my son's confidence. He's my very careful little guy and I noticed he's a bit like me with the whole confidence and assurance thing, so I'm glad he found a talent he didn't know he had, swimming. Now Lupe and I will have to take him to the pool more to continue and improve his strokes.

One of our current read aloud books is A Cry From Egypt and boy is it good. I started reading it today and after our read aloud time, I took it to my bedroom to sneak in another chapter.
I'm continuing with my 'nesting' feeling, not getting ready for a baby but school. You homeschooling mamas know what I mean. Clearing the shelves, organizing the books an planning the year out. My sister Cynce and I dubbed it a nesting feeling.

Today I started getting Lance's Little Hearts School ready. I was considering, okay am thinking about My Father's World 1st Grade, but am not sure. I think it would be too much.

I finally came to a decision  with what grammar/English to go with for my two middle boys. I really, really, like how Standard Based Grammar Homeschool Edition is consumable. The child can write in the book but in the end Rod and Staff English 4 won out. They were both neck-in-neck, I just figured R&S would be easier to use right along with Heart of Dakota. I was looking at it the other day and thought, this is a good English course with a godly focus, I'll just stick with my original plan.

I'm also excited that for the next month we'll be learning about trees and World War ll~Pearl Harbor. Our Box of Ideas (Pearl Harbor) should be here in two days, so hopefully we can start next week.

My books for our tree unit study all should be here by Tuesday, so that's a good thing. Today I'll read another chapter from My Side of the Mountain, and a suggested 'tree' book from our tree book pile.

At the home-front, the children and I have been watching a show via Netflix called Hot Shot. The boys LOVE this. What boy wouldn't love a show about guns, knives, archery, paint-ball and so forth. After the show Brent is making bulls-eye and Lance is setting up courses. Then the practice shooting. It's so cute.

Lupe, is working long hours at work. His commander and chief is on a short leave, so my Sweets is helping out with getting it done as my brother-in-law Don would say =) My prayer for my Sweets is for wisdom, strength, and him knowing his family is cheering him on and praying for him. I love you my Dear!

I started an 'I Like' notebook. Every day I have to write something that I 'like' about living in our current home. It's a challenge for me but my prayer is, that one day I'll be in tears to ever have to leave this place. Maybe that's going a bit far but I want good memories when we eventually do leave (although it feels like we'll never, ever, move at the moment).

This is getting a bit long and I still have to write our Weekend Wrap-up post still. I haven't cropped all our weekend pictures. Maybe I'll do that tonight before this week is over.

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