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Busy, Busy, Busy

I was up late last night, so I woke late this morning. Didn't crawl out of bed until 10:00 a.m. and I was pleasantly surprised to find a message for me. Have a super day, Love you, Lupe. My day started off with a big smile.
I did my morning routine, hopped on the computer, made a cup of java, jumped in the shower, ate breakfast and so forth. By the time I was done it was noon. I washed some fruit for the kiddos and I.

The mail arrived and I was delighted to see my two books was in the pile. I don't know when I'll start reading Raising a Daughter After God's Own Heart but I do need to start The Husband Project today.
 I thought Josh was still sleeping but I found him reading. He's still recovering from yesterday. He helped a missionary family move their stuff with some of his Alert Cadet buddies.
 Lance is taking online classes. Reading Kingdom, Math Whizz and Speekee Spanish. Reading Kingdom and Speekee are review items. Thanks to The Schoolhouse Review Crew Lance, is schooling through the summer and having fun.
 I was busy with laundry. Brent is my folding buddy. We only have three loads to go. Yeah!
 The towels were easy to fold and I just pulled them right out of the dryer. Oh and the fitted sheets. I can almost fold them as well as my Sweets now. Practice makes perfect, even if it's only taken me 15 years to 'get it'. Thank you Lord for a patient, loving, husband.
 The only two subjects that Joshua has to complete today is Time4Writing and Math Essentials.
Look what came yesterday for Brent, Mastering Math Essentials Book 1.
The other books are for Josh and with every order you receive a free math kit.
Maybe tomorrow Brent can start his math.

I talked to Annette today. She had breakfast at the hotel they were staying at. She ate a blueberry muffin and some sausage. By the end of today they should arrive in El Paso Texas. They will stay with family and finish the rest of their journey after a good nights sleep.

Lance had a few melt downs today. He is not allowed to play any games on the computer for three days. Today, he tried to negotiate with me. He said he was not going to do any school (meaning Reading Kingdom) unless he could play a game first. 
Can you believe it?!? Lupe came up with the idea of telling him, you can't play any games on the computer until you finish your school. This won't happen until Saturday though because of his 'game' time restriction.
Of course I had a talk with him about how he was demanding computer time and that is not acceptable behavior.


  1. Love the mirror message!

  2. What a sweet message to wake up to. You had a busy but productive day. Love those days. We also like math essentials. I didn't know they had it for Geom. though.
    Praising Him,


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