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Date Night

Lupe and I decided to go to the Corner Bakery Cafe. I love the cafe atmosphere. The people are friendly and the food taste great. It's just all around a neat place. Lupe and I were able to talk about the children, homeschooling, and our future.
 We both ordered the same meal. If you read last weeks date, you'll remember my Sweets was drooling over my dinner. This time we both ordered it. Ordered a Mocha Frappe on the way out.
 After dinner we went to Half Price Books. I bought two of The Way We Work books because both Caleb and Brent will use it this coming homeschool year. I also purchased some Anne Frank books. Recently I read about her friend and now am interested in Anne Frank. Not that I haven't read her biography before, but it has been years. Maybe since I was in school.
 I bought a maze book for the children. This is an interesting one. The book pages unfold to a poster size maze. Each maze has three starts and three finishes. I've never seen one like that before!
We stayed at HalfPrice until closing time, then headed home. As always I enjoyed another night out with my Sweets.

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