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Fun~Family~Fitness Day 2

We completed day two of Family Time Fitness. Yes, I am still sore from yesterday but at least I don't feel like my legs are going to buckle-under. Joshua was a bit sore as well. This program is going to be so good for us.

My dad took us out shopping for our fitness supplies. I didn't have to purchase everything but I thought it would be nice to start off with shiny, new stuff. It was fun too. I purchased 3 hula-hoops. Two smaller ones for $5.00 and a larger one for $8.00. 2 balls, one soccer ($5.96) and playground ball ($8.46), 5 jump ropes ($2.97 each), 2 sets of cones ($3.50), 1 Stopwatch ($9.97), and I splurged and purchased me a headband ($2.47). Annette, made some bean bags, which I forgot to put in our 'sports supply' photo shoot.
 Before we started today, I had only one dilemma, how am I going to do all these exercises in my long skirts. Hmmm, guess I'll have to make some adjustments. I had to find my shorts and used one of Lupe's work T-shirts. Move over flip-flop sandals and hello work shoes. Yesterday was pajama day for me, so I worked-out in my pjs.
We started off with the Warm Ups and I did really good. The standing leg swings and circles are my kind of exercises Brent and Lance really loved the Popcorn warm-up. Here is a picture of them doing the Superman. In the first picture Lance is not doing the exercise correctly because he said that is how Superman flies. With one arm in front and one to his side with his head down.
 Below is the correct way to do the warm-up. I told Lance that Superman flies both ways.
I couldn't do the Crab Walk because of my wrist. Back in the days when I worked as a receptionist I hurt my wrist. When the phone lines where slow I'd help stuff envelopes with credit cards. The cards would have to be attached to a piece of paper, folded and put in the envelop. I did the best I could and walked like a disabled crab.

The Line Jumps sounds easy but when your sore and out-of shape like me, um, not so easy. Hoping over a rope several different ways, 20 times each is a good heart work-out. It was a challenge for the children as well toward the end, but they did them all (unlike their mama).

We had to go outside for the Agility Course 1, and only did it once. The 100* weather has us doing most of our Fun~Family~Fitness Time inside.

Joshua after our Physical Education Class. Yes, he's tired.
By the time we finished, I was sweaty. Since I already had showered I had to wait for the sweat to dry before getting dressed. Something about putting clean clothes over a sweaty body does not sound good. When it's dry it doesn't seem so bad.

What have I ate today (yikes):
*Cup of Coffee
*Yogurt with berries
*24oz of water
*A very big cheeseburger from Jack-in-the Box. I know, not too good but we were hungry after shopping for all our fitness stuff ;)
*Large potato with bacon bits, cheddar cheese, butter, sour cream and salt (yikes).
*A handful of Animal Crackers.

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  1. Those line jumps just about did me in! Especially the hopping ones. I didn't realize that I'd be the one getting fit! LOL


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