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Fun~Family~Fitness Day 3

3rd day with using Family Time Fitness (Fitness4Homeschool) and having so much fun with my children. I was out in the almost 100* weather, hopping, jumping, shuffling and skipping with Brent today.

I'm still hurting from those Frog Squats, but it's a good thing. I think it's my Tensor Fasciae Latae because the soreness is mostly on the outer part of my upper legs. The front upper leg (Rectus femoris) is sore but not as much. Hopefully I got the names right. Feel free to correct me.

Today it was just me and Brent. Josh, is with a church friend and Lance was having meltdown issues.

I was able to do all the warm-ups. I'm very good with balance. When using the Wii Fit, I always got high scores on this.

For the Activity/Game Play we had to go out in the scorching heat but we survived. Thankfully it wasn't in the triple digits.

I wasn't able to do the Monster Walk because it required that I squat down. I truly cannot do that right now. I tried but I just can't walk like a 'monster'. I did do some lunges while Brent, completed this exercise.

I started slowing down during the Shuffle, Skip, Hop Jump Series. I did very well with most of it. The hopping I wasn't too good, so I tweaked it and hopped on my right foot and hopped back on my left foot. I'll continue practicing hopping with my feet together. Brent of course did fine.

I didn't do the agility course but Brent did. Our yard has no grass, so it's going to be a challenge to do some of the exercises, warm-ups, and cool-downs but for the most part we can do those in the house. We do have grass in the front yard but I admit I'm too embarrassed to do a Bear Crawl with my neighbors around. We have a park three blocks away but with the heat, not right now. Maybe in the fall we'll go to the park to do some of our Fun Fitness. The real name is Family Time Fitness~Fitness4Homeschool, but I like to add the word 'fun' because I'm having fun getting fit with my children.

Here is Brent, doing the Hula Hoop Hold and just having fun with it.
Just a side note, I don't really go into explaining how we do all the exercises because I'm not sure if it violates copyright laws.

What I ate today (will edit later to add dinner and such):
*Yogurt with a variety of berries.
*Two sourdough toast with butter (lots of butter)
*Chicken salad with Pretzel Crisp.
*1 small chocolate Hostess donut.
*4 medium slices of Spinach with Alfredo Sauce from Amazing Jake's
*2 Chocolate Chip cookies from Amazing Jake's
*12oz of ice tea, twice

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  1. Looks like you have been having a of fun in the fitness department!


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