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Fun~Family~Fitness Day 4

Day four of our fitness adventure using Family Time Fitness. I was poking around their website and noticed a High School Fitness program as well. This will be great for Joshua and he can earn 1/2 a credit (I think).

With the two days off because of the weekend. I no longer hurt, remember those Frog Squats? Yeah. Friday we went to a place called Amazing Jake's with the children and it hurt to walk but I did anyway.

I'm happy to report that I was able to complete the whole lesson today, minus playing tag because it was too hot.

We started with the warm-ups. We did those in the house and as always, I did them, no problem. We then moved on to the Activity/Game play. The boys liked the Wall Push-ups. The Quick Feet did my heart good. I wanted to quit but I didn't. I new I could do it but boy was my heart happy as I collapsed on the couch. We then had to go outside to do Cross the River.
We needed to find something that we could use as 'stones' to cross the river. With this exercise we had to step on a 'stone' pick-up the one behind us and place it in front so we could then move to the next 'stone'. The only thing we could find for stones was some pieces of wood.

We then went back inside for our Cool Down exercises. After we finished our physical workout we decided to play Monopoly and workout our brains.
We then worked out our hand-to-mouth coordination by taking a break from the game to eat lunch.

Here is what I've eaten so far:
*Sourdough Toast w/lots of butter
*Turkey sandwich with mayo, avocado and some hot wing cheese. My sweets bought the spicy hot wing cheese for me because I love hot wings. Yum!
*24oz of water
*Berries with yogurt
*Another Turkey Sandwich
*Sweet Potato Chips
*3 mini Hostess Donuts (chocolate)
*Bowl of mixed fruit

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