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Fun~Family~Fitness Day 5

Wow, we reached day 5, yay! We started in the middle of last week (hard to believe it hasn't really been that long since those Frog Squats whooped me), took the weekend off, completed lesson 4 on Monday, Tuesday we were going to do lesson 5 in the evening so Lupe could join us but we ended up playing Elvis Monopoly instead, do today we did lesson 5.

Now that we completed the first five lesson I most likely won't write about each lesson. Maybe I can do a Week in Review type thing.

I didn't take any picture today. Warm-ups as always went well. I was able to do the squat jumps but I didn't jump as high as the kiddos, they were like frogs. I had to be careful otherwise I'd hit the ceiling fan with my hands. Sure miss those vaulted ceiling.

I couldn't do the crab walk. I'm too afraid of hurting my wrist. For the longest time I had a cyst and because of my work days my wrist is weak from stuffing envelopes. I did try. In fact during the warm-ups while doing the Rocking Horse Series, I had to be careful with my weight being on my wrist. Sometimes I'll use my knuckles instead of the palm of my hands.

What tuckered me out this time was the Shuffle, Skip, Hop Series. I couldn't finish. I did most of it but those last hops did me in. Brent had to stop too. This was a great workout for my heart. I know my doctor would be  happy knowing I'm exercising. I need to get my cholesterol down, so maybe this will help.

Again we didn't do the outdoor activities. It's just too hot still. We were suppose to play Hula Hoop Tag. I'm not into playing tag in our backyard anyway. I'm afraid I'd trip and fall. When the weather is cooler we may have to walk to the park 3 times a week to do the Outdoor Activities.

The children are fine with running around the yard but to me it's dangerous ;)

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