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My legs feel like spaghetti noodles right now. Today, Joshua, Brent and I completed our first Family Time Fitness lesson 1. I think it should be named Fun, Family, Fitness because we had so much fun and laughs. Mostly the laughs were because of how unfit their mama is. So embarrassing. I was okay with the warm-ups but once we got to the the Frog Squats, let me tell ya, I was hurting. We were to do three sets of 20. I did one and a half set. The children finished but Brent made us laugh. His face said it all, he was struggling. He looked so cute. Joshua did all three sets.

After the Frog Squats, we did Shuffle, Skip, Hop. My legs were still wobbly from the the previous exercise, so this was hard for me (sigh). Jump the River had us all laughing so hard because this mama landed, not on her feet. I tell you those Frog Squats did me in. I had to sit out on the rest of our P.E. time. Well, at least until we did the Cool Down exercises.

Again, I'm thankful to Jesus, that I'm one of the reviewers for Family Time Fitness. To tell you the truth at first I was not interested in this, but the more I visited their website and thought about how I needed this if I want to play on the floor with my future grandchildren, the more excited I became and now I'm super excited.

We still need to complete out Outdoor Activity, but it's currently raining. Maybe later today, besides I'm still recovering from the Frog Squats that I did over an hour ago.

The children and I are writing daily what we eat. Not only is this recommended by the program but also, it's good to see what we are putting in our bodies. The children will 'see' the good, the bad, and the ugly, of what they eat. Thankfully we try not to put too much junk and this will really help keep that kind of food out of our diet.

Here is what I have eaten so far. We are adding what we are drinking as well.
*Waldorf Salad or we just call it chicken salad, since we warped the recipe.
*Pretzel Crisp, I ate this with the salad. No spoons needed. The pretzels are flat.
*Drank 24oz
*I did have one twix. Not the whole pack but one bar.
It's 2:58 right now. I'm sure there will be more added. Maybe I'll come back and edit my post.
Edited to add:
*Yogurt with berries (Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, and Boysenberries)
Edited @ 6:50 to add:
*Two slices of frozen pizza and some more chicken salad with Pretzel Crisp.
*Drank 24oz of water
Also my legs are doing better but still feel a little funny =)


  1. Fun! I enjoyed reading about your first day! We plan to start with the program tomorrow.

  2. What a great idea to share your progress. We are starting on Monday as I have a full weekend at a local festival and need to get ready for that.

  3. Thank you for sharing. It looks like you all had loads of fun and learned a lot on the first day. Please let me know about your family's progress with this curriculum. I chose not to review this product because I already own it and have not used it. I bought it over a year ago. I never did print it out - it's just sitting on my computer unused. Maybe, just maybe you can encourage me to put it to waste so that my hubby's hard earned money does not go to waste. It looks great but ... it seemed difficult to watch the videos in our crowded office/school area and we never made time to do the activities outside. We were easily distracted. I'll check back later to hear more especially if you plan to do updates. Thanks a bunch!

  4. Thank you ladies, it was a lot of fun and great spending it with the kids.

    Tracey, to make it not so overwhelming, I only printed the first module and with watching the videos, I watched the videos before hand, just to make sure I knew how to do them all.

    I do hope to write about our progress.