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Had Fun Today

Today I had fun getting all of Ethan's school stuff together. I organized Bigger Hearts for His Glory. I will take pictures soon and post them. I'm so excited though. You all know how I've been in a weird, out-of-it kind of mood. This really helped.

I still need to purchase Drawn into the Heart of Reading 2/3 Workbook. I'm hoping to purchase a used one, so if anyone has one for sale ($15.00ppd w/no writing) I'm interested. I'm not sure if I can really handle adding DITHOR but I'm going to try. Ethan needs to practice reading more.

I found DITHOR workbooks for Caleb and Brent. I hope to start them using it to but we'll see.

Ethan is still at Auntie R's house so we haven't been doing Beyond. We got half way through. I plan to go ahead and start him in Bigger when he gets back. Most likely at half pace.

With math I might just use workbooks that I have and not purchase Teaching Textbook 4, although that would mean I need to teach math too. Yikes! I have The Complete Book of Math and some Mathematical Reasoning books. I like TT because it gets done. I'm trying to save money by going with the workbooks I already have. I found them in storage. The books were for Joshua, can you believe that. I still remember buying them.

I also found some workbooks for Lance, plus I have Professor B Math. I really need to start using Professor B, I just get so lazy.

With Caleb and Brent I might do the same and skip the rest of Preparing. I'm up-in-the air about it. I know it's a HOD no, no. I don't mind going half pace with Creation to Christ for half the year and maybe pick up the pace in Jan. or Feb. I also plan (hope/pray) they can start Drawn into the Heart of Reading (DITHOR) as well. They too need to practice reading more.

I still haven't ordered any HOD (Heart of Dakota) stuff, so I've been hanging out at the website ;) anyway, I just wanted to give you all an update.

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