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Homeschooling My 6 Children

This weeks Blog Cruise is about Large Families. I'm excited to participate in this one. I thought I'd touch on how I homeschool my 6 children. First I need to set the record straight with a few things. When people find out I homeschool our 6 kids their first thoughts and comments are; you must be the most patient and organized mom in the world. Truth be told, I'm am neither. Now that you know the truth about me, let's move onto how I teach my 6 children =)

Thankfully I have a God that is there for me and a very patient and organized husband that encourages me. Without my Lord and beloved husband, I don't think I'd be where I am today with homeschooling. My ever patient husband and seen me through many different programs and philosophies.

In the past 10 years I have learned what works for me. I'll write some of them and hopefully you'll find something helpful or at least be encouraged that each family is different and what may work for one, may not work for your family and that's perfectly fine.

I have found that listing what I need to teach each day works so much better than a schedule with times next to each subject. My day may look like this:
*Math w/Ethan
*Math w/Lance
*HOD Preparing w/Caleb and Brent~Bible, History~Read Aloud
*Rod & Staff English with Annette
*Grammar with Ethan
*Writing w/Caleb & Brent
*Phonics with Lance
*HOD Bigger Hearts with Ethan
*Science w/Caleb, Brent & Ethan

Some must do's for me:
*Wake at 7:00 a.m. and be ready for school promptly at 8:00. This means I need to shower, dress, eat and be at my station. I found that if I stay off the computer in the morning, things go more smoothly.
*Have all the teacher manuals within reach of my 'station'. By station I mean in front of the whiteboard. I do most of my teaching in the kitchen, next to a shelf that contains every, single, book, manual or manipulative to teach.
*Have a glass of water and an easy to eat snack, like grapes or pretzels close by as well.

I also don't expect to do every subject every day. By not putting that burden on myself, I work better and don't feel guilty at the end of the day.

I do challenge myself and make it a goal to at least try to get each subject done 3 or 4 times that week. It really depends on the subject.

I'm going to be honest, it's not easy. I am teaching from 8:00-2:00 and throw in some night school as well at least a few times a week. One can't forget the planning and correcting. It all takes time and can be taxing but it's also a joy to be the one that holds those 6 hearts.

Remember that there will be days that are not so good. My advice, have your husband put the children to bed and take a nice, long, hot, bubbly, bath. Don't forget to take your homeschooling catalogs to read while relaxing. Seriously, I read homeschooling catalogs and magazines but I do take a book too. Take whatever will help you unwind from a busy teaching day.

What to expect whether you have two or six children. There will always be interruptions. My children are ages 8-14 and I still am interrupted while teaching. I have told the children unless they are bleeding don't interrupt, but it still happens. I no longer get upset. I take care of what needs to be done and come back. At times it seems like no one is learning anything, but then I remember, homeschooling is not a sprint but a marathon.

One of the biggest lessons I've learned, is another homeschooler's way may not be our way and that's okay. I need to do what works for us. When I moved away from a more Charlotte Mason/Literature type of homeschooling toward a more School-at-home, textbookish way of teaching, I wasted so much time feeling guilty because I felt I failed as a homeschooling mom. Textbooks in the homeschooling world seemed like one of the most unpopular ways to go. It's boring and your child won't learn how to think is what I read in most of the homeschooling magazines. But guess what? My oldest son thrives with textbooks. He loves them. They are structured and organized for him. History is all in one book. This WORKS for him and it's not boring.

As you can see there are ups and downs, turns and twist, but I count it all joy to be so blessed with teaching my children at home. Many times I wonder if we are doing right thing by homeschooling but then I think, how can we not. These are our precious children. Lupe and I are pouring our everything, our all into the lives of our 6 kids. We won't ever get this time back to teach them not only academics but God's gracious love for us.

Yes, it's exhausting but I like to think of it as a good exhausting.

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  1. Yay, for doing what works for you! I have done the textbook guilt trip before, but I too have had good experiences with them. My oldest wanted nothing to do with anything that wasn't a textbook or a novel. My middle son thrives on living books and some textbooks as a guide. My little guy hates workbooks and would prefer making stuff, and being read to all day long.

    Homeschoolers that poo poo textbooks are making the same mistake the public schools make - thinking that education is one size fits all, and that their way is the only way.

    I enjoyed your post!

  2. Thank you Mary, yes, they are all so very different. Josh, has been using textbooks for almost five years now and has never complained once about them. In fact he doesn't like me to get rid of them once the year is over =)

  3. You have such a precious heart and a beautiful family!

  4. Just want to let you know that I feel you are doing great. What I could see at the wedding, your children are very well behaved. They are so respectful, from the youngest to the oldest. I know that they are learning well. I am so proud of you Linda, and Lupe, for homeschooling your children. The schools now a days are teaching and mind conditioning the children, to a one world order agenda. They are conditioning them to accept Satan's lie. I thank our Lord so much for allowing you to teach your children at home. God is your teacher through His Holy Spirit within you. Amen! Give my love to the family. <3

  5. Thank you Auntie for your kind and encouraging words.


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