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Just Being Transparent and Real

I'm a bit behind with my pictures and post, so if you receive my blog post via email, you may see more than one post. I'm trying to catch up with my photos. I still need to blog about:
Lance lost his tooth
Annette's first salon visit
Reviews items in my inbox
It's been a Man vs. Wild kind of Day

That's only a few of the topis. Right now I'm in a weird mood. I don't know what the right word is for the mood I'm in. Maybe it's the feeling out-of-it mood. There is so much to do here. Organize, clean, sell etc.

As many of you know we live in a small house and keeping it so it doesn't look like a storage or  playroom is such a challenge. Going from a large house to a small one, I can say, it's much harder to keep a small house decent looking. I'm not talking the "Better Homes & Garden" look, just decent.

The boys love making a whole lego city and I'm glad that they do. I think legos are one of the best toys but it sure makes for a messy living room, throw in a Teepee and it looks like a disaster area. I prefer to think lived in with five boys.

Anyway, with regards to school I have no motivation to clean out the bookshelves. I don't know where to put the stuff that I clean out. I have no motivation to organize what we need for this fall because over half the books are in storage that I need.

Here is one of the bookshelves that I need to organize, so I can fit next years curricula on it.
I thought I'd start today by clearing one small section but I ended up cleaning a part of my room instead. It was starting to look like that bookshelf.

Then there's the fact that school starts in three weeks but I haven't ordered 90% of what we need. Normally I have this all ordered before summer begins and I have three full months to prepare.

I have oral surgery in October, so I'll be out of commission, I would like everything to be done so my Sweets could step in and do some school with the children.

I would love to have our own yard again. I hardly play with the children outside anymore. I'm a pretty reserved person and I like my privacy.

I'll admit I've been in tears because I'm just so tired of all that's on my plate. I have a super awesome husband and I feel bad for him because he works so hard and here I am complaining.

I'm thankful that I have a good husband who puts up with me and great kids. I love homeschooling and wouldn't change my crazy life for anything. There are times like right now when it's a bit much but this to shall pass =)

Right now I am working on a prayer journal for Annette. It's kind of a long letter to her. I want her to know that her mama loves her enough to take 10-15 minutes out of my day to pray for her. I am using Prayer Warrior for the boys and I am going to start a prayer journal for my hubby as well.

I'm also reading The Power of a Positive Mom and Raising A Daughter After God's Own Heart. I try reading each book for 5-10 minutes a day. I am also memorizing scripture. I'm aiming for one verse a week but some are long ;)

Tomorrow maybe I'll tackle a part of the bookshelf. Tonight maybe I'll stay up late to post more curricula for sale. I do really need to move some stuff out.


  1. oh Linda, I was and still am in tears today as well. I guess it's that kind of day. I feel overwhelmed with this homeschool year already, and it hasn't even begun. No words of wisdom, just (((hugs)))

  2. Thank you Dee and hugs right back.

  3. I am praying for you Linda. I know the feeling of overwhelm, and wishing circumstances were different. God has a plan and this is just a season that will pass. {hugs}

  4. Dear sweet friend . . . I am sending you virtual {{hugs}} and some prayers. It is real to feel overwhelmed. I've been there -- still am there. I wish I lived closer and could come and help.

  5. Thank you ladies for the hugs and prayers.
    Tamara, it would be nice to live closer. We could help each other. I know my kids would love to visit your place ;)

  6. It is so hard getting the energy and time to do all the important things at home, to help things go smoothly.

    I hope things are better and that you are having a great day!

    Mrs. White
    The Legacy of Home


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