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More Pics of Lance

Tuesday Lance and I were playing Monopoly Deal again. He won the game! He was excited but was wondering if he really won. He asked, "Did you make it easy", I told him nope! He replied, "Good because I don't like easy".
Lance has two more lose teeth. Both have an emerging tooth right behind it. You know me, always trying to capture everything.
 Including a close-up, see the tooth coming through on the left side?
Yesterday Lance and I somehow got on the subject of heaven. He asked me what was heaven like and I remembered a childhood song, "Heaven is a Happy Place" so I sang it to him. I told him we'll see Grandma Mary and Moses. He asked, 'Will we see Joshua?" I replied, "Yes and Caleb". He responded with, "No, Joshua from the Bible" and I said, "Caleb is in the Bible too". Lance, "Oh yeah, he fought with Joshua".
We also discussed hell too. Lance truly is my deep thinker.

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