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New Look

As you all can see, my blog has a new look. Thanks to my very talented sister. You can visit her at  Cynce's Place. She's my younger sister, 17 months younger to be exact. She has a real talent when it comes to designing blogs, websites, and  notebook pages. She homeschool as well and has recently formatted Emma Serl's Language Lessons, so one can use them like a workbook. You can find them for sale at her website by clicking the link below.
I did want to let those of you know that my button that looked like this (and how I'm going to miss that button)
 will continue to link to my blog for about six months. After that it may no longer work. Please make the changes before then. I'd really appreciate it and am sorry for the inconvenience. I rarely change things.

Hopefully you will grab my new button. The code is to the right on my sidebar. You may have to scroll. It looks like this...
I'm going to miss the way my blog looked. It was so pretty. I forgot to take a screen shot of it before the change, but did find this among my pics. Yay!


  1. Looks awesome! Amazing how much the kids have changed, isn't it? I'll have to get my button changed.

  2. Hey, I just noticed you changed your blog name from Training 6 Hearts for Him to Homeschooling6.

    And I updated the button on my page already - I'm quick, huh? :D

  3. I love this new look! But I'll miss the old one too because you know how I am with change. ;)

    Your sis is very talented! I'm going to have to have her help me redesign mine one day! You are all a very talented group of ladies...

    Let me see if I can figure out how to get that button on my page as you know I am not technical at all...


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