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Oral Surgery......the Long Story

I've been waiting forever, well since I was eight years old to get my teeth fixed. I have wanted braces that long. They may be a pain at times but I'm thankful for them and to my husband working so hard for me to have them.

At the beginning of November 2009 I went for a consultation and by the end of the month I was wearing braces with pretty pink bands or was it navy blue, can't remember but those are two of my favorite colors.

The orthodontist said they (it's a shared practice) could fix and straighten my teeth but I'll have a major overbite. True to their word, I do. It's also uncomfortable at time and there is lots of tension on my bite. I think I'm developing a wrinkle between my eyes because of it.

They gave me two options. 1.) They could pull teeth and slide them here or there to make it work, sort of a mock fix. 2.) I could have oral surgery done. The orthodontist suggested the surgery because she (I was speaking to a Mrs. at the time) didn't see any reason for us to be pulling perfectly good teeth out and the surgery would actually fix the problem. She gave some other reasons as well but I forgot them but it was something along the line that my overbite could cause problems down the road.

My hubby and I talked and both agreed that we'd go the surgery route. Around Spring time of 2011 I was ready for surgery, so we went to see a doctor. Both Lupe and I felt comfortable with him. We went to some follow up appointments, completed paper work and were waiting for the insurance to approve my surgery (all but the minor cosmetic part on my chin). We weren't surprised when they denied me. The insurance said, I would need to have a year of speech therapy and a letter from the speech therapist after therapy was completed, saying I needed surgery.

Six months later and a 2nd attempt I was approved but Lupe and I found out we'd have to pay fifteen grand from our own pocket. I was about in tears knowing that we could not afford it. I didn't want to be stuck with this overbite. I know it could be something worse but at the time that was it. I tried to stay positive though knowing my Sweets would make it work. Yes, I'm spoiled.

We could always make payments but after praying and not sure if we got a clear answer because sometimes it's hard to tell =) we figured going into fifteen thousand dollars into dept was not the answer.

Oh, and the reason why it was going to cost us so much, we found out that the doctor the orthodontist recommended was not in our insurance plan. We just assumed they were. Note to self; always ask before going through months of appointments and waiting for the insurance to approve.

In February of 2012 we were back to square one.  Lupe printed out a list of doctors that are in our insurance plan and I took it to my next orthodontist appointment.

At this time my teeth were positioned right for surgery (had been for almost a year), so there really wasn't much to do but they found minor stuff here-and-there to adjust.

The orthodontist found an oral surgeon that they are familiar with and trust. Off to make appointments again. Denied, approved, make more appointments.

The latest is, I have a surgery date!!! Yes, I'm excited, thank you Jesus. We still have to pay $3,000 out of pocket, $1,500 of it is for cosmetics on my chin, the rest is what the insurance won't cover.

From here on out there are lots of appointments but I'm just out-of-this-world excited. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you Lord.

On Sept. 27th, I have an appointment. We will go over all the details of the surgery and Lupe and I will have to pay the $3,000 up front.

October 8th, I have an appointment. This one will take over three hours. They will make molds of my mouth and such, plus I need a complete physical.

October 10th, I go in for surgery. My husband will take 10 days off of work, suggested by the doctor. Recovery is estimated at about three weeks. I will have to have my mouth banded shut, but they can be removed to clean my teeth. Thank the Lord I won't have my mouth wired shut, that sounds so horrible.

I will have six weekly follow-up appointments and then I'll be handed back to the orthodontist to complete my time wearing braces. Hopefully by 2013 I'll be out of braces.

This November will mark 3 years in braces. 2 years waiting for surgery. 1 since the last surgery date. It's been a long road...and I feel silly because it's just my teeth. Nothing wrong with my health. At the same time this has been something that means a lot to me. I have never liked to laugh because of my crooked teeth, even though through the years people have been so kind as to say I have a nice smile.

All this to say that most likely we won't be going to California soon or any kind of vacation. Brent's own words once he found out how much it would cost, "Does that mean we won't get to go to California or anywhere?", I replied, "Yes, and I'm sorry". I too am sad but for other reasons that I should not write publicly about. I'll just say it does set us back financially again.


  1. I am happy for you, but I am with Brent in hoping you would make it out west ....hehe!

  2. Linda, I'm so happy for you! God is good, and tell Brent that in faith, God is going to have you go to California, if that is His will. I'm always amazed at how God works things for the good of his children! Just the way the Lord provided for the insurance, will provide for the surgery, and all of your needs, He will provide for the trip, I believe this with all of my being, Linda. You are a good and faithful child of the most high God!

    I'm so happy for you my sweet friend! God is soooooo good! And you do have a beautiful smile!

    Many Blessings!!! This is such good news...


  3. How exciting! Make sure you get some great before and after shots. It will be fun to see what the LORD allows the doctors to do. Blessings.