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Ordered Bob Jones 9

Wow, I ordered Bob Jones Grade 9, Distance Learning via Dvd this morning. I'm excited and a bit nervous to have a high schooler. I ordered through a Bob Jones consultant, Mary. She was so helpful and when ordering through her you get free shipping, about a $99.99 saving!

As we were talking I let her know my concerns for Josh and she recommended using the 8th grade Grammar/Literature/Vocabulary. The vocabulary is not included, I added it just in case I can't  afford our Latin for this year. With the Grammar and Literature she recommended that I go back a year since Joshua has been struggling with it and since Bob Jones is a very rigorous course she said it should be fine as a high school course. I agree.

This year Bob Jones is also selling all that comes on the cds in printed format at a reasonable price, so I added those to my order as well.

With regards to the writing, I may still order Write Shop so I have it just in case.

Now all I need is Annette's Heart of Dakota, Res. to Ref. and Caleb and Brent's HOD, Creation to Christ. Hopefully within two weeks I can order. It won't be here in time for our start date but oh well, it can't be helped.

I may have us start anyway. I have enough stuff to get us started. I have Drawn into the Heart of Reading all set (almost, I'm still in need of 2/3 workbook), all our math is ordered (still thinking about TT4 for Ethan), and we can always continue with Preparing Hearts and/or our Pearl Harbor study.

I'll most likely post pictures later today!

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