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Schoolhouse Review: Math Made Easy

As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew I had the opportunity to review Addition Teaching and Learning Made Easy, from Math Made Easy.

I thought this program looked like a lot of fun and would be a good fit for my youngest child Lance. He needs to memorize those addition facts.

What I received for this review, a coil-bound, reproducible, workbook. The workbook consist of three parts. The worksheets, flashcards, and games. The cost $24.95. This is geared toward 1st and 2nd grade. I'm sure it will also benefit a 3rd grader who still needs help memorizing his/her addition facts.
Math Made Easy, includes enough worksheets for your child to use daily for six weeks. Don't think this is a hand-your-child the worksheets and they will magically memorize the math facts. No, this is a program that you work with your child using flashcards, fun games, and the worksheets included.

The first few pages are written to the parent. There is a To the Parent which explains the Philosophy of the program and a Lesson Plan sections. Once you familiarize yourself with the program you can get started by having your child take an Addition Pre-Test. This will quickly let you know what addition facts your child knows.

To start your lesson you will need unfix cubes or some household objects, Legos, buttons, beans etc. This will give your child something concrete and able to visualize the addition concept. With the unifix cubes you will introduce the addition facts. Play around with the item and make up stories such as, "If I have 3 army men and 4 more join how many army men do we have now?".

Next you can drill your child with flashcards, play some games that are included and completed the worksheet. There are five worksheets to do, each labeled Week 1, Monday. Week 1 Tuesday and so forth. On the fifth day (Friday) the child completes a Math Problem of the Week. These are a bit more challenging.
Once your child completes the program he/she will take a Post-Test and hopefully will have memorized all the facts.

How did we use Math Made Easy? Lance and I would start with the unifix cubes or whatever else we chose to use that day. Then I would drill him with the flashcard. Sometimes this is all we would do for that day. On another day, we would play the game and drill the flashcards again, then he would complete a page from the worksheet. Because we used the program more to Lance's pace rather then the included schedule it took us longer to finish a week but it worked for us.

What did Lance think of it? He enjoyed it, especially when we would color a page together.
Lance, was proud of his work in the above photo. He worked hard and almost got all the answers right. He kept forgetting what 3+9 was.

Overall we liked it. We made it fit our schedule. The key is to stick with it, be diligent, work with your child daily and use the flashcard to review previous addition facts.

**Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine.

Edited to add new ebay links as the vendors site is temporarily down. You can find Math Made Easy on Facebook for updates concerning the website.

Update: I think the business is no longer around. I have searched and can't find it.

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  1. My little guy and I took our time through the program, too. He liked learning his math facts with Math Made Easy. Enjoyed reading your review =)~Hope


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