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Schoolhouse Review: Time4Writing

Time4Wrting, is an online writing course for Elementary to High School. I'm very familiar with Time4Learning. I've used it over the course of our homeschooling years and have always been very pleased, so naturally when Time4Writing came up, I wanted to try it as well.

For this review I was given an 8 week course for High School Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics. The cost for this is $99.00.
From the Time4Writing website:
This eight-week course covers the technical areas of writing that high school students need to master before moving on to paragraphs and then essays, including:
  • Correctly identifying the parts of a sentence
  • Understanding complex sentences
  • Learning subject-verb agreement
  • Differentiating between plural and possessive nouns
  • Using pronouns, adjectives and adverbs in sentences
  • Identifying and spelling words that often confuse writers
  • Correctly using commas, semicolons, and other punctuation
  • Proofreading their writing for errors
What I was really excited about, Joshua, would have his own personal certified teacher to grade his work. Writing can be a scary subject to teach for some homeschooling moms, at least this mom. To have the opportunity for Joshua to receive feedback from a certified teacher was a real blessings. I know with the Lord's help I could teach writing, but I'm also thankful for any help.

Time4Writing's interactive online course is very user friendly. The set-up was painless and Joshua was able to start right away. Joshua initially was signed up for the Paragraph Writing course, but we soon found out that he needed more grammar practice. I emailed Time4Writing and within 24 hours they had my son set up for the Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics course. I give five stars for their customer service.

The course provides the student with two schedules to choose from, a four week and 8 week schedule. Of course the student can go at their own pace.
With some assignments the child receives immediate feedback. There are times the student will need to wait for the teacher to grade and give feedback before they can move on. Joshua would submit his assignment and within 24 hours it would be graded.
Joshua would be both nervous and excited waiting for his work to be returned. When Joshua missed a few problems, he was allowed to try and find what he did wrong and correct it. Once he resubmitted his work, his online teacher would grade it and we would get an email announcing that he could login and see how he did. 

About two weeks into the program I received and email asking how things were going. I was encouraged to email his teacher if I had any questions about his assignments. I was also informed that if Joshua needed some time off I should let them know and they could temporarily put the account on hold.

What did I think? I thought this was a wonderful opportunity for us and I hope to continue with another course for Joshua. I liked that he could hop on the computer and basically do this on his own. I will admit I was hovering at first and had to let go. You know, I wanted to make sure he understood all the instructions and such, but I found I was not helping at all. 

What did Josh think? From all the smiles, I think he liked it, actually I know he did because he asked if he could do another course after this one. He liked having his own teacher and the feedback she provided. He liked the challenge of trying to score 100 but was a good sport when he received an 80 or 90. 

{Edited 9/10/12}I'm editing my review because a new feature has been added. The lesson can now be heard as well. Just click on the audio icon to hear and see the lesson. This is great for those auditory learners.

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**Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine.


  1. 80's and 90's are Awesome! Way to go, Joshua!

    Linda, your reviews get better and better (more detailed) and are dangerous for me! LOL! I keep putting more of your reviewed items on my wishlist. I love the feedback aspect of this program and will definitely use this in the near future. I think that Joshua would love the feedback, and at some point, I'm sure I'll appreciate the break! I am even considering this for his math...



  2. Hi, Dee, yes we really enjoyed it. I know the price is a bit steep but I like the help. It's like having a tutor. Joshua's session ends in the middle of Sept. I'm not sure if we'll sign him up right away or wait until Jan-Feb for another course.


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