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Sick Baby

Yesterday my Lance said he had a headache, by that evening he was warm and had a slight temperature. He fell asleep in the living room and I hoped he would sleep all night but he didn't. He crawled into our bed and made little whimpering sounds. I took him to the couch, gave him some cool water, took his temperature again and pulled of his socks. He was hot. I put a cool cloth on his forehead too.

I cuddled a little with him but he preferred to be in front of the air conditioner. He said it felt good on his feet.
This morning he still had a light temperature but is dong better. His head hurts only when he moves he said. I read lots of books to him and just stayed near. Now he is resting.


  1. Poor guy! Hope he feels better soon. Sick kiddos are no fun.

  2. Praying for your little one, that God heal him quickly! In the mighty name of Jesus!

  3. Aww...poor thing. I pray that he is feeling better.


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