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Some Review Goodies

I need to get started with using a review item, "Forest For the Trees". I printed the book/guide over the weekend. I should have done this sooner but I wanted to take it to FedEx Office during our date night time. We didn't make it, so I printed it off our Laser Printer. I would have done this from the beginning but because we purchased the cheap toner, our prints don't come out very nice. Live and learn.

I thought our library would have some of the main books for this Once a Week Unit Study, but they didn't, so I just finished ordering them from various places. I also went to Half Price Books. I really dropped the ball on this one because I should have checked on all this stuff last week when the eBook arrived on Thursday. Now I won't be able to start until next Tuesday. That is when my books should be here. I still have plenty of time to review it but I like starting right away. The more time I have to use it the better.

Although since I ordered the books, either way I would have had to wait but at least if I would have ordered them on the 17th they'd be here by the end of this week instead of the beginning of next. Oh well, it will give me some extra time to read what we will do.

Another item I'll be reviewing is from Box of Ideas~World War ll Pearl Harbor. My boys will be pretty excited about this one. They are suppose to start shipping tomorrow. Can't wait.

Last week A Cry From Egypt arrived on our doorstep. I look forward to reading it to the children.

All these goodies should hold me over until I can get some of our school stuff ordered.

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