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Summer Days

My head hurts today. I'm all out of ibuprofen. Maybe I'll call my Sweets and see if he can pick some up on the way home and to think I was a Target today. Silly me!

This was our second day of our Forest for the Trees unit study. I read a book CelebriTrees Historic & Famous Trees of the World By Margi Preus. I didn't know that the exact locations of the tallest trees are not given to protect them. The previous tallest tree died because too many people  stood under it an damaged the roots. We also read some scripture and tomorrow we'll start our Tree Nature Journal.

The children and I watched another two episodes of Top Shot. Yes, it's addicting. It's also a great way to talk to the children about being a team player, how not to act, and showing them the players that have integrity. For instance some are voting others out because they are not 'friends' with them or others are overly sure about themselves. There is one guy who is just plain rude. I like to go over how they act with the boys.

My hubby and I do this with other shows like Gold Rush, Tree Cutters (forgot the real name) and such.

Around the house~Josh, wants some paintball so he can see where his shots are when he practices in the yard. Brent, Caleb, and Lance are having fun with the gazillion little Lego pieces.

Here are some pictures that were suppose to be on the "Weekend Wrap-up" post that I never wrote.

I went to my bedroom and found my Lance sleeping on my bed.
 It was raining out and right away Brent and Lance started making a shelter. The cans are leftover from target practice.

 Lance wearing a box that was suppose to be in the recycle bin.
 I told Lance to take the clothes out of the dryer. I heard his voice telling me that he's almost done. I check to see and found him tossing the clothes down. Being a mommy and all I said, Lance, you can't crawl in there it's dangerous and you could break the dryer.
Below is Joshua's, Brent's, and Lance's dresser. I like to take pics of their stuff every-so-often because it shows who they are.

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  1. My head is hurting today, too. I'm on the verge of a migraine. I will be praying for you to feel better.


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