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Summer School 2012

I thought I'd write what's going on with summer school and save my Fun~Family~Fitness post until tonight.

I started our day off with a homemade smoothy. The first one made in our new Ninja Blender. I warped the recipe of course. What's in it? Half & Half, Almond Milk, Strawberries, Vanilla Yogurt, and Spinach. After tasting it I did add a TBS of sugar. Next time I'll add raw honey instead.
 Lance was my taste tester and as you can see he wasn't too thrilled about it. After his 3rd sip he liked it.
With Lance we did a little Bible. AWANA starts back up and Lance is a bit rusty with his Bible verses.
 Lance completed 4 lessons of Reading Kingdom. Now that he has finished the assessment portion of the program he says it's more hard.
 Lance loves Speekee. He could watch him all day. We are all learning say some basic Spanish words; hello, goodbye, numbers (1-5), colors, milk, water, and a few phrases.

 Joshua has completed Unit 1 of Time4Writing and is almost done with Unit 2. He's liking this program.
About three times a week Josh continues with Math Essentials, HearBuilder Auditory Memory and 4-5 days a week he completes Time4Writing.

Brent hasn't really continued with anything, that stinker =) I need to get him back on track with at least math. I guess without his learning partner Caleb, he's a bit lost. We haven't been able to continue with Preparing Hearts. This is a downside when combining.

Annette is away but she took her Editor in Chief and Critical Thinking book. We also do Bible Study~Heroines of the Past, over the phone.

Ethan is with Annette. He took his Mathematical Reasoning book and Phonics Pathways. His Auntie helps him complete some lessons, maybe three times a week.

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  1. LOL! The pics of Lance's faces is so funny and cute!


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