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Summer School

I haven't been taking pictures but we have been getting some school done. Here's what we have done in the past two days:

Family Time Fitness
A Cry From Egypt (read aloud)
Forest for the Trees
Pearl Harbor Study

And that's about it. Hopefully we get Speekee and Reading Kingdom in tomorrow. Lance hasn't been feeling well. He's much better today, thankfully. Yesterday he said his head felt as if someone was pulling his hair. My poor little guy!

Family Time Fitness has been so much fun. Painful but fun. In lesson 8 (this was Friday's lesson but it was a funny one) we did the Ankle Alphabet. This is where you have to form each letter with your ankle. We were laughing because Lance kept forgetting the order of the alphabet. He'd me on 'l' and forget what came after it. Joshua said, "This is Alphabet torture!" and had us laughing again.

Today's lesson had us doing Frog Hops. Those were kind of fun, but I still didn't complete them all. When I can't finish an exercise I usually skip, shuffle, hop or do lunges while they finish. I try not to just plop on the couch.

Our current read aloud is A Cry From Egypt. This is such an exciting book. I finished it the same day that I started reading it to the children and now I'm reading it at a slower pace with them.

Yesterday we continued with our first week of Forest for the Trees Unit Study. We went outside and studied our tree. We think it is some kind of Elm tree.
 Our tree has an owie. We don't know what happened but I did read that Elm trees are susceptible to a fungal disease that were accidentally introduced to America in the 20th century.

 My boys need a hair cut. My Sweets will hopefully give them one this weekend. Lance isn't in the picture because he wasn't feeling well.
 My little monkey. This I believe is a walnut tree. I know our neighbor has some Pecan Trees (our state tree).

Today we started our Pearl Harbor Study. We studied pearls and endangered animals. We played a Go Fish type game but with endangered animal cards. It was fun.

I'm reading a lot to the children, A Cry From Egypt, a Tree book a day and a read aloud for the unit, and reading from our Pearl Harbor. It's been a bit much, so I decided to alternate our tree unit study and Pearl Harbor study. I'll see how that goes. I love to read but two things, number 1. with my allergies acting up these past few years, I can no longer read out loud to my children like I use to (think Sonlight books) and number 2. it's still summer/vacation time and I'm trying to organize and do mom stuff.

Well that's it for now =)

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