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Today's Happenings

I have been so busy decluttering my school shelves that I was not going to write a blog post today but then I remembered my sister MaryEllen.looks forward to reading my blog daily. I filled a medium size trash with half used books, papers that I printed samples of, and just years of stuff. It was hard to toss some of it. I also filled a box for donation of extra practice math books, flashcards, and other books that we aren't using.

I found more book to sell as well. My house looks worse then it did before.

Yesterday I wrote that I won't be able to start our Once a Week Unit Study~Forest for the Trees, well I decided to start it regardless if we didn't have one of the core books. I figured I can extend the first week or play catch-up once the book arrives. Below you can see what I read today.
Here are some books that I will read this week too.
I didn't feel like doing our fitness school but I had us do it anyway. I had a good time once we started. The hard part was hula-hooping. I still haven't the knack for it. The children do great. I only snapped one picture this time of Lance and Josh. I thought they looked so cute together doing wall pushups. Love schooling my kiddos!
We learned a few more Spanish words and later Lance will do Reading Kingdom.

I felt bad for Josh today. He was almost done with his Time4Writing assignment, when he accidentally deleted all his hard work.

Well that's it for now, I need to get back to work. I unearthed so much stuff that I have to figure out where to put it. What box should it go in, donate to church library, trash, or give it away. 

I almost forgot the most exciting news!!! Caleb comes home today. Okay, off to clean!

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  1. Thanks for posting Linda - I do love to see a new post when I check your blog daily, LOL.

    I already miss Caleb. By now he's probably home asleep. I hope he knows how much we liked having him here in California. :)


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