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Weekend Wrap-up and Other Such Happenings

There is so much going on here, that I'm not sure where to start. Lots of good things happening.

I started reading Raising A Daughter After God's Own Heart. One of the many things a mother can do not only for her daughter but her boys as well, is to memorize scripture. I must admit I haven't been doing a good job of this. I'm going to start today, my memory verse to memorize is Psalm 4:8, In peace I will both lie down and sleep: for you alone, O Lord make me dwell in safety.

I have copied it down twice and have read it out loud down the hallway. I'm the town, in this case the home-crier, you know how in the olden days before radios, television and such, there use to be a town crier; a person employed by the town to make public announcements , well that's what I do sometimes in our little home when I want to announce or inform the children about something. Today it was a verse.

What I 'cried' out today:
"Here is a verse I'm memorizing, (then I read it), it's quiet time, I suggest reading your Bible and writing a verse down" this is what I said today as I walked down our hall =) crazy I know but it gets the job done, other times it may be for us to fold the clothes or what ever information I need to spread but don't want to make a meeting of it.

I also prayed for my boys using Prayer Warrior, today's prayer was on purity. I prayed five separate times for each boy. I know I can combine them but I feel it's more personal when I do this one-at-a time with each name, Joshua, Caleb, Brent, Ethan, and Lance.

I'll save our Summer School for another post, hopefully I'll get a chance to blog tonight.

As for our weekend wrap-up.........look what came in the mail on Saturday, Math-U-See for Annette and Caleb.
 Brent and I played a newly favorite game, Monopoly Deal. My SIL R introduced us to this game while visiting us.
 I hadn't played during her visit, so Brent showed me how to play. The first few games we played with our cards showing, so he could explain as we played and I could ask questions. Once I got the hang of it we played a few more games. I won both times!
 My Sweets and Josh went yard-sale shopping and look what they brought home, some mini doll houses for us to sell in our little corner shop.
 My boys can make any toy, a place a battle field. I had to take a picture when I came home to find the doll housed turned into war houses.
 My sister MaryEllen, sent me a picture of Caleb, he's enjoying a beverage from one of my most favorite coffee shops, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. They make the best Ice Blended coffee!!!!

My SIL R, also sent me a few pictures of Annette and Ethan, but I need to crop & size them still.

Brent, came down with a stomach ache this weekend. He missed Sunday School. Lupe picked him up for church because he really wanted to be there for the graduation lunch for some of our young people. There were three who graduated from homeschool. He couldn't make it through the service. I took him to one of the classrooms and we waited for the service to end. Lupe took him home.

Lupe and I taught Sunday School, actually my Sweets did all the teaching, I'm there for support.

Lance turned 8 years old this weekend. We plan to celebrate his birthday with cake and ice cream Friday or Saturday.

Lupe and Josh, had to go to Dallas on Saturday. I can't remember what for but most likely lots of little things that take time to finish. They were suppose to finish Sunday after church but my Sweets knows how important our weekly date night is, so he will have to go tonight instead (thank you Love).

I guess that about sums up our weekend.

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