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Weekend Wrap-up

It was a busy, fun-filled, weekend. Here is our weekend in pictures.

I sent Brent out to get the mail and he came back with a boat-load of packages.
 The large ones were for my Sweets. The ChristianBook one was for Josh and I, he ordered an Army Bible (I'll share a pic later) and I ordered two books for school. You can't see it but there is one more on top and that was a review item; America in the 1880s.

We ate lots of berries this weekend. When I mention 'berry blend' in my Family~Fun~Fitness post, this is what we are eating.
 Lupe and Josh, went yard-sale shopping, to keep our little rented corner supplied. The solid brass music stand was a terrific find! The little boy sitting on the lid of a sugar bowl, thing was as interesting find.
 Here are a few shots of our little rented corner. The small, brown, wooden bookshelf, Lupe put in Saturday and we thought it looked really nice. He only paid $1.00 for it.
 Lupe, studying for Sunday School. Last week and this Sunday, he taught the Middle Class (ages 8-11).
 Bren'ts first time starting the car. Of course I had to capture the moment. He looks so handsome.
 Since Lance is the birthday boy, he chose where we ate our Sunday lunch. He said,"You know that place with the big, yellow, M and they have shakes?".
Lance and I are the only ones that appreciate McDonalds. No one else cares to eat at the Golden Arches.

The last picture for my Weekend Wrap-up, is Brent's Lego cars. He made all of these from a bin that Lupe bought at one of the Yard Sales. There were over 500 pieces. My Sweets paid $5.00. What a bargain.
My children love the little Legos but I had put our bin in storage because we have no space for them. I'm glad for the bargain on the Legos but I'm already stepping on army men, medium size Legos and Playmobiles. I sure miss having a game-room.

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