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Week 3 {2012-2013}

I'm glad I'm feeling so much better today. I went to bed before midnight yesterday and woke up at 7:30 a.m. this morning. I don't feel so defeated like I did yesterday with all that's going on. Amazing what a little sleep can do.

Can you believe I haven't blogged daily about our school week?!? Pretty amazing huh? That's how tired I was this week.

This week in review post will have lots of pictures because I usually post what we do daily using pics.

Here is how we start our days off. I make us an iced drink using juice, vanilla powder, ice and a blender. I rotate the juice. One day it will be green, purplish~blue, or light red. This way we are drinking a variety of fruit.

 Brent and Caleb found one of my favorite unidentified flowers in the yard.

Ethan 4th Grade
Bigger Hearts 
Unit 2
Focus: The Search for a New Route to Asia

This week we only completed three days of Unit 2. Wednesday was Box Day and Thursday I had an appointment with the oral surgeon and was just plain tired. 

Monday we completed two days of Bigger. Last Friday we didn't finish Day 5, so he did that Monday along with starting Unit 2.
 Above Ethan is completing map work.
Below he is using his small boat to sail the globe. He was learning about the equator, the South Pole and North Pole.
 We didn't finish the whole Unit but Ethan did copy all of the poem for this week. Every day he diligently went to work on his poem. I was proud of him.
 He completed pages from The Complete Book of Math and from Mathematical Reasoning.
Below are pages from The Complete Book of Math.
 We took turns coloring the USA rocket.

 The flag on this workbook page said 'Go Tigers'. Ethan, like his Grandpa Joe is a Vikings fan so he changed wrote that on his paper.
 He has been working his way through Phonics Pathways. I also have him using the workbook only from Horizons Phonics (no pics this time)
 Below is what Ethan and I used to complete his vocabulary. I only had him do one word.
I forgot to take pictures of his Standard Based Grammar lessons. He completed lesson 6 today learning about singular and plural nouns.

Lance 2nd Grade
Little Hearts
Unit 2 Days 1&2
Focus: Christianity in the Roman Empire
 Day 1 I read from the books below.

 For Science Discovery we did an experiment with mixing dyes. God showed John a beautiful vision of heaven with all of the colors from the rainbow.
 First we gathered our supplies, then put the primary colors in the water.
 Lance mixed them to make new colors!
 Brent, Caleb and Ethan wanted in on the action. They too experimented with colors.
 Lance using his Reading Ruler a Schoolhouse Review Crew item.
 Day 2
 In the book History Stories for Children Lance learned the real meaning of Valentine's Day. For Artistic Expression, he made a heart.
 Lance, loves AWANA and takes ownership of learning his verses. He puts the Cd in the computer and listens to the verse over and over.
 Lance works well when his buddies are around. He is working on Horizons Phonics.

Caleb 6th Grade & Brent 5th Grade

This week in science we learned about the Circulatory System. The children learned about red & white blood cells, veins, arteries, plasma, fibrin and blood clotting.
 The especially loved this picture of "A Day at the Spleen" and how the worn out Red Blood Cells are destroyed.

 Today's experiment was demonstrating that when we get a cut and the skin breaks and blood flows out of it. Strands of fibrin are formed and traps the red & white blood cells as well as the platelets. Blood clot is formed and eventually a scab. Pretty amazing how God made us.

 Brent's math (Math Essentials Book 2)
 Both Brent and Caleb continued with Drawn into the Heart of Reading.
Below is a sample of Brent's work.

9th Grade

Although Josh completed many subjects I only have one picture.

7th Grade

Annette, watching Mr. Demme. She is using Zeta this year.

That's about it. Hope you enjoyed peeking into our week!

Schoolhouse Review: Box of I.D.E.A.S.~Pearl Harbor

Box of I.D.E.A.S. is a great way to teach all your children together. As the website says, "Designed to get kids off the computer and around the table".

For this review I received a World War II Pearl Harbor (Physical Box). The cost for this item is $79.00. If you prefer this in pdf format you can order that as well for $49.00. The recommended age for these wonderfully put together Box of Ideas is 9-16. You can find Box of Ideas on Facebook, so feel free to 'like' their page.

My family loves learning about history and with 5 boys, well let's just say the Pearl Harbor Box of Ideas was an exciting thing for them. They were very interested in this review item.

What's in the box? Great question! In the Pearl Harbor Box of Ideas I received 10 modules. All very organized in baggies.
 The module titles:
  • Before Becoming A Base
  • Beginning of a Naval Presence
  • A Week Before the Attack
  • Day of Infamy
  • Day After the Attack
  • Weeks After the Attack
  • Six Months After the Attack
  • A Year After The Attack
  • Victory Over Japan
  • Decades After the Attack
Each module includes:  
*Introduction, this is usually about 3-5 paragraphs that you can read to the children.
*Extensions, about 2-3 activities or assignments to further extend their study on Pearl Harbor. This is great for the older students to research and write summaries, reports or essays. In the Day of Attack module one of the extensions was to have the child carry a memo pad recording facts and then to have the child right an objective report the next day. Another time the kids researched an endangered animals.
*Weblinks~two or three weblinks are provided. These are always great for the more visual learners.
*For Your Portfolio~this is a worksheet. There is usually only one worksheet per module.These are not just fill-in-the blanks type of worksheets. Our first one was measuring pearls, another one has the student read a headline and articles from a newspaper, then pick 4 statements of facts and 4 statements of opinions.
*Activity Cards~almost each module has a pack of activity cards to play a game. Our favorite so far was the timeline cards. Many of the Activity Cards have actual photos of Pearl Harbor.

How we used it in our home:

I used one module a week. For example with module 5~Day After the Attack:
Monday~I read the the introduction and went over the extensions. The children and I discussed what extension they would like to do. They had all week to complete it.
Tuesday~was weblink day. I would look up the links provided and we played games with the Activity Cards. Sometimes we'd play as instructed and other times we tweaked the game.
Wednesday~was worksheet day. Sometimes we did this orally, other times each of them did a portion of the worksheet. We would use the Activity Cards again.
Thursday~I would read some library books or if there was more to do in the module then we would continue. Some modules have more to do then others.
Friday~we usually didn't do any Box of Idea stuff.

The children would work on their extension throughout the week as well.

Box of Ideas is a great supplement to go along with your current studies, take a few weeks off and do something different, or keep your children busy during the summer days. I can also see my very creative sister (she homeschools too) flesh this out and make it a full blown unit study for a semester by adding lots of books, copywork, making lapbooks, and adding notebook pages.

We started this program in the summer, two of my children were visiting their aunt in another state, so I mainly used this with my 10 and 11 year old sons, Caleb and Brent. Lance (8yrs.) wasn't really interested but he'd hang out with us occasionally.
We enjoyed reviewing Box of Ideas~Pearl Harbor WWII. Using the timeline activity cards and reading what happened that day, gave us a small glimpse into that horrific day in 1941. I was able to help them understand the devastation, the lives lost, and how war affects people.
For this scatter brained, not-very-creative mama, there are a few things I would have liked to have seen included. A list of  books to read or one main spine that could have been read throughout the program. A suggested schedule would have been helpful. Give more ideas with using the activity cards (I'm not very creative) and maybe add a Dover Publishing coloring book.

I do appreciate all the research that went into putting the Pearl Harbor box together. 

The Schoolhouse Review Crew was also blessed to review Box of Ideas on Salt as well. So hop on over to the Schoolhouse Review website to read more!!!

**Disclaimer: As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine.

More Today

Ethan's Teaching Textbooks with MathTacular 3 came today from Sonlight. I also purchased MathTacular 4 for Brent to go along with his Math Essentials. Annette's Latin program arrived as well. It looks pretty intense.

A review item came today too! It's Ethan's new Bible.

I've been waiting forever for all our school stuff to arrive and now I feel a little overwhelmed. I guess because normally I have all summer to put it together. I would like to start Monday but we'll see.

I had hoped to have my 'box day' pictures sized and cropped by now but it will have to wait. Plus the living room is a HUGE mess with Legos, army men, Lincoln Logs and boxes, so I need to have the kids clean it before I can do a photo shoots.

Today I had an appointment to get the ball rolling for my oral surgery. I don't do good when my normal days are interrupted. It throws me out of whack so to speak. Unfortunately not much got done today. I came home tired and with a headache. So I'm actually going to rest right now. I think I'm stressing out with school, surgery, house cleaning, starting school and such. I have so much on my plate right now that I keep trying to do a little of this and that and in the end nothing is really accomplished. But it's good. I know it will all work out. I just need a good nights rest and know that God is in control.

I don't plan to do any school with the younger ones tomorrow (although I should). I think I am going to concentrate on getting the books that just came out of the boxes and on to the shelves. Work on some schedules and hopefully Monday things will sort of be in order. I find that Ethan, likes to know what he has to do so he can get started. I think it's great, so I'm going to work on that. If I can have his spelling words ready for him to practice, his poem to copy, his phonics pages to do and math pages, he can do all that on his own. Oh my boy is growing up.

Hope I don't sound like a complainer but not all days are full of energy and excitement =)

It's Going to Come Today!!!

I know, pretty sad to get so excited about a box of books coming but it just is!!! My Heart of Dakota and My Father's World packages will be here today on the 26th of September =)

My son Brent is just soooo cute!!! He's cleaning the living room so when the awaited boxes arrive it will be all tidy and I can have a place to sit, look, sniff, and organize everything. I thought that was real sweet of him.

The HOD package is 45lbs!!! MFW is 4.5lbs. You never know, I just might want to know the weights when I look back and read this post 10 yrs. from now ;)

Tomorrow the 27th my Sonlight items will arrive and Saturday my Amazon straggler books will be here. That is pretty much everything for this school year. Oh wait, I ordered the Big Fat LATIN Special from Schola Publications. I haven't received a shipping notice from Schola so not sure when that one will be delivered.

Okay, that is all for now, I'm sure it was all so very excited to read about when my school stuff will reach its destination :D I will share some pictures tomorrow and have a Week in Review up on Friday as well as a Schoolhouse Review.

Have a good day =o)

Happy 13th Birthday Annette

My only daughter turned 13 years old today. What a blessing she has been. I love her more than words can ever express. Today I took her out to dinner. I had planned to take her to Taste of Home but it was closed. We then tried our favorite sandwich shop but it too was closed, so we ended up at Mr. Jim's Pizza.

While waiting for our pizza we had our girl's bible study time using Heroines of the Past Bible Study. Annette has really enjoyed this Bible study and I can tell she is disappointed that we have taken three weeks off. Guess we'll get started again, at least until her HOD school is ready. That one includes a Bible study that we are suppose to do together as well. Once we start HOD I don't think I'll be able to keep up with two different studies.

Once we finished our pizza we walked to the coffee shop. I enjoyed a peppermint and chocolate Mocha with a biscotti and she had a cinnamon roll. We played a game and bought Lupe some gifts. His birthday is this week.

By the time we started walking home it was past 8:00 p.m. and dark. Little lizards and crickets where out. Pretty yucky, thankfully we didn't step on any.

Next weekend we will celebrate her birthday. This week in our immediate family we have three birthdays. Annette, Caleb, and Lupe's. This month is full of birthdays if you add in my parents and extended family.

Later Than Most

A little later than most but I finally ordered my curricula for this year. I'm so excited. I ordered everything I'll need from Heart of Dakota, Christian Books, and The Latin Road. The only purchase I'm a bit concerned about is The Latin Road to English Grammar. What if we don't use it. It was very expensive and the resale value is not that great.

I'm still deciding if I should order Teaching Textbook 4 for Ethan or use what we have. Financially using what we have is probably the best thing but I know how busy I'm going to be, so TT4 sounds more doable.

The 26th will be an exciting day for me us. I received an email from HOD with a tracking number. Talk about fast. I ordered this morning and before quiet time they are ready to ship it. They are some busy bees.

I may not be blogging every, single, day =) I have a lot of catching up to do. My oral surgery is about 20 days a way. I have school to get in order, some reviews that need to be written, and the house could use a deep cleaning for the time that I'll be out of commission.

I'm so glad my husband will take at least 10 days off. The children are pretty good about fending for themselves. I won't be able to do a whole lot of schooling. My four younger ones need me for 75% of their schooling. Just looking at my calendar overwhelms me right now.

With the kids I started school late and now that I'm getting all our books we'll probably be going half pace.

Oh well, such is life. I can't do anything about it. Please pray for me if you feel the leading too. I'd very much appreciate it.

I haven't had time to blog about Annette and Ethan's homecoming.
 Or how we went to The  Lego Discover Center the next day.

 And the aquarium.
 Oh, and can't forget about this little guy. Poor lizard ended up being washed and dried and on my bed!!! I almost picked it up thinking it was a piece of dried food that was washed with the cloth napkins. Gross.
And there are still more memories but I have to go. I'm so tirrrrrrrred.

Week 2/Day 4 {2012-2013}

I think all of us are glad to start school again. Our days are more structured. As for the work I'm sure some of my dear children would rather play Legos or read all day.

Brent is doing well with not complaining right now (he hasn't had a HOD school-load yet). He tries to get his school done my noon. Today he did Mathe Essentials, WinterPromise Science, and Drawn into the Heart of Reading. That's all there is for him to do right now.

When I write about Caleb and Brent, I noticed that I usually have more pictures of Brent doing school then Caleb. I felt kind of bad about that but them remembered that my Caleb likes to school in his room where Brent is mostly at the kitchen table. Brent it right where I'm teaching and it's so much quicker to take pics of him, so that's why Brent is in most of our school photos.

Both Caleb and Brent wrote what they have learned about the Respiratory System. They also are to memorize H2O, O2, CO2.
 We watched a few videos too, one on cells and the other on the respiratory system. You can view them HERE.
 The children for their Pearl Harbor study watched a few clips of that day. This is from Box of I.D.E.A.S  a review item.

 I also read To the Congress of the United States by Franklin D. Roosevelt and we discussed how horrible that day was on December 7, 1941. I love these family discussion times because we can really talk about how the people must have felt, really dig in and let children know how scary this was for those waking to bombs and rapid gunfire.

I haven't taken one picture of Annette doing school all week. Like Caleb she's usually hiding out in her room and she doesn't have that much school right now. So, although not school related here are a few pics of her being a fun big sister.
 I love these pictures of Lance and Annette.
 My Girl came back from her Aunties looking more like a teenager.
 I thought I'd add a picture of what she is doing for school. One is better that none!
Ethan completed another day of Bigger. I'm so loving Heart of Dakota. Having everything scheduled for me is so wonderful. I love the whole layout of the Bigger Hearts guide.
 Today I read from Journeys in Time. Then Ethan copied the names of the continents and oceans onto index cards. He blew up a balloon and placed the the index cards on the balloon to show the correct location.
 For Storytime I read from James and we talked about responsibility. After I read George Rogers Clark we talked about how the characters were responsible and at times not.
Ethan finding the book of James in his Bible. We are still excitingly waiting for his Deep Blue Kids Bible. Ethan also copied some more of his poem, worked in his Phonics workbook, went over common and proper nouns, and after quiet time will read from Phonics Pathways.

My Little Hearts guy worked on neatly spelling his name and the words, 'a' and 'an' again. Also in his Language Smarts B book he is learning when to use the words 'a' and 'an'. He completed several math pages of Mathematical Reasoning. I need to take the time to check-out some lessons from Professor B Math. Opening up a book is so much quicker then going online. It may sound silly, but when you're trying to teach 7 children every, single, second counts.

Joshua, is doing great with taking ownership of his school work. He completed a Geography test yesterday and today he had to correct what he missed. He corrected his math pages too. With Time4Writing my son didn't follow all the instructions. He was suppose to bold certain words and didn't so his teacher was not able to grade his work.

It looks like we are not going to complete the course either. There were some days that he didn't do T4W. At the time of my review he was right on schedule so I didn't mention this as a con but now that we are living through it =) not good. It would be nice if they gave the child 10 weeks to complete the 8 week course. This way if a child is sick or took a vacation day he'd still have time to finish without trying to rush.

That was another homeschool day here at Homeschooling6. Hope you enjoyed your visit!