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Box Day for Joshua (and mom)

I was so happy to see Joshua just as excited as his mama when Bob Jones was delivered to our door. Three boxes packed with school stuff!!! Before Josh showed his excitement he did said, "I don't have to start today, do I?" he's too funny. Of course not I told him. I still need to get it organized.
This is what my bed looks like right now. Where to begin =) I guess I'll have to write my post of what Joshua will use this year.


  1. Wow~ That's a lot of BJU! My first year homeschooling I bought all BJU, and by the end of the first week I wanted to scream! I could probably handle it better now. Or not.

    Have a great year! :)

  2. Joshua really enjoyed using Bob Jones for his 8th grade year and hopes to use it through high school. If he's excited, I'm excited but yeah it's a lot. Oh, but everything is so shiny and new =)


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