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Date Night

Our date night was a threesome this week. My MIL will be leaving this Thursday. Lupe and I wanted to spend some time with her before she took off, so we invited her to dine with us. We took her to Babes Chicken one of our favorite places to eat.

I wish I would have taken my camera. Our dinner was so good, we had green beans, mash potatoes, corn, fried chicken, pot roast, ribs, and my favorite, biscuits. Yum. I was so full and should have stopped after one biscuit but I didn't. I smothered another with lots and lots of butter. Thankfully we took our time and talked, so by the time we left I didn't have to be rolled out.

We were suppose to go to FedEx Office. I needed some of Joshua's school stuff bound but we didn't make it because I forgot to bring his stuff. Silly me. We did stop at Office Depot. I picked-up some of those alphabetical index cards for Josh. I hope he will start using Science Roots. I say, 'hope' because he already has a full plate.

Target is next to Home Depot, so we headed there to get some yogurt. I have to have my quick and easy breakfast of yogurt and fruit. I was excited to see it on clearance for $1.70. I also found a shower cap. It was a bit pricey at $7.95 but I have been searching for a good one for years. A long time ago I had one that was nice because when the water hit the shower cap there was stuffing that helped to keep it quiet. You know with the only plastic shower caps it's loud, well at least for me it was. I've been on the search ever since I either misplaced my old one or it became ruined. I'm not sure what happened to it but I loved it.

After Target we went to Half Priced Books. I found three books there.I found the Laura Inigalls Wilder book for $5.99, the Way We Work for $7.95, and the Indian in the cupboard for $1.99.
I already own two of The Way We Work books. This year I am having Caleb and Brent study the Human Body for science and I found that I like for us to each have our own book. This way they as I read to them they can follow along and see the hard and difficult words. Hopefully this will improve their reading.
I know we have The Indian in the cupboard but again I'm going to slowly buy doubles of some books.

That was another wonderful Date Night. If you'd like to read more of our Date Nights (because I know they are just so very interesting, hee, hee), please click HERE.

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  1. I love Half Price Books!! Oh, and yes, I agree, the plastic shower caps are loud!


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