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Day 2 {2012-2013}

For some reason it doesn't seem like school has started. Maybe because Annette and Ethan aren't here or maybe it's that I haven't ordered half our curricula yet. For whatever reason it doesn't feel like day 2.

I don't have all are curricula yet and I still didn't fit all our schooling in. Yikes, that's scary. Things I still need to do.

Pearl Harbor Study:
Forest for the Trees Study
Professor B Math with Lance
Math Essentials Book 1 w/Brent

What we did get done:
I started off with Lance again. I really need to get him reading past the short vowels. The first month we will go over vowels and consonant, recognizing the beginning~middle~and ending sounds, and penmanship.

He started with Horizons Phonics. We recited the alphabet together. Then went over the short sound for the letter 'O', and he completed two workbook pages and read another short story in his reader. His reader has words like 'put' and 'little' and he's able to read them.
 Above he is working on a workbook page. Below he's reading from his Horizons reader.
 Little Hearts~Grandfather Frog wants to see the world. Bible time~Jesus went home to be with is father.
 We gathered the supplies needed for our science experiment. Water, Baking Soda, Raisins, and Vinegar.
 After we put everything in the cup of water we waited and waited and waited. The raisins did not rise. I considered it a flop and started reading our Bible Story about how Jesus rose up into the clouds. Well wouldn't you know it, a raisin started rising to the top. Perfect timing. The experiment worked after all and just at the right time too!
 Lance finished a few lessons from Zoo Whiz. I did need to sit with him on this lesson to make sure he's reading all the words.
Here is yesterday's lessons. The word is sit and Lance had to write the word sat.
 At the end of the lesson a little prehistoric chick pops out of an egg. A highlight for Lance.
With Caleb and Brent, we started off our school day with Science. There were a lot of pages to read from The Way We Work, almost 20 pages, so again, I didn't read them all. To tell you the truth we were all confused with RNA, tRNA, Golgi, ribosomes and many other words (sigh). I know it will get better. We want more of the familiar stuff like lungs and such. The next chapter looks to be more interesting, Air Traffic Control. Looks like it's about breathing.
 The forensic side of the science program was fun. Yesterday they had to stare at a picture for five minutes and remember as much as they could. Then before bed they looked at it again and this morning they each (Josh too) had to remember as much as possible.

Today's forensic science was using their senses to figure out what was in the box. First they had to try and figure out what was in the box and about how many items. Then I had them close their eyes and pick one object from the box at a time. They had to figure out what it was. The did really well.

I had Caleb and Brent read from Lois Braille orally to me at separate times. I know this is the only way they will become better readers. They did good but were a little slow and they need to read with more emotion, so I'm working on that as well. They also completed a Drawn into the Heart of Reading worksheet.

I forgot to take pictures of what Josh did. Today I read his science pages again. He can do this on his own but I enjoy spending time with him. I know once school is in full force I won't have as much time to do this. He also completed Bob Jones Bible, Math Essentials Book 2, History/Geography, and looked over his Spanish books.

Right now Josh feels like he's flip-flopping around because he doesn't have his days planned out. I did order him a High School Planner. Once it arrives I'll sit with him and we'll get his schedule all figured out.

During nap time Josh asked if he could spend some of it outside so he could practice shooting his Paint~Ball gun. At this time it's quiet around the neighborhood because the children are still in school. Since our yard is pretty much open-to-the public he wanted to practice in quiet, with only himself.

I happened to look out the window at just the right time, I noticed that someone was behind his wooden target. Then I noticed that a pan-like object would shoot out from behind. Someone was behind the board sticking the pan thing out so he could shoot it. The leg didn't look familiar. I thought, is a neighborhood kid out there.

When Josh was done he went to where the person was sitting behind, extended his hand to help the person up and guess who it was? Grandpa! They made me laugh. I thought how cute! My dad is behind the target holding out his pan-like thing so Josh could practice with a moving target. What great memories for Josh.

That was day to at Homeschooling6 (I still haven't come-up with a school name)

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  1. Wow sounds like a busy day! I am using Horizons K with my daughter this year as well and I really like it so far. We are on lesson 17 and she is really understanding the material. At first I thought it was a little heavy, but I am beginning to think that it works so well for that very reason. I hope you have a wonderful year!


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