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Day 3

Today there was lots of excitement as I woke Caleb and Brent. I shook them awake saying, detectives we need you at a crime scene.

The night before Joshua set up a crime scene for the boys. You see, this is a project from the Forensic side of their science program from WinterPromise. We really didn't have to set up a whole scene but I thought it would be more fun for them.
Brent just woke and was pretty excited. Caleb, my conservative one said, wait! I need to dress. They needed to gather the evidence. The television is on as part of the crime scene.
 School started a little later but they had lots of fun.

I started this post at 3:00p.m. and it took me forever to get all the photos loaded on my computer, cropped and such. Then quiet time was over, I read some of a book, started dinner, ate, fed my Sweets when he arrived home at 6:00, and out the door for AWANA. Now it's 11:06p.m. Maybe I will come back to finish or I'll use the pictures for a 'Week in Review' type post.


  1. I love it!!! Is this the WP Science curriculum?

  2. Hi, Mary, yes it is. I'm doing the younger one with Caleb and Brent. The high school one with Josh. So far the boys love it!

  3. This looks so cool! Will Joshua get a credit in Forensic Science for this? I never thought of doing this for highschool...you can tell they are loving it!

  4. Hi, Dee, yes, he is doing a complete course from WP, The Human Body and Forensic Science. I am also adding a set of DVD about the body as well that I found at Timberdoodle. Lastly there isn't much writing in this program so I'll probably have him add that in too. Maybe a weekly writing assignment.

  5. This looks like so much fun!


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